14 Mar
Pros of an Instant Pot
Cons of an Instant Pot
It cooks things fast. There is a learning curve. 
Easier not to burn the rice. Areas around the pot insert can be hard to clean. 
It is multiple things in one. Times can be off. 
It can keep your food warm, and delay start time. You can't see what is going on inside. 
The pot is easy to clean.The time to take to preheat isn't included in the cook time. 
No spillover messes. It is expensive. 

Over a month ago, my husband surprised me with an Instant Pot. I was skeptical about it but decided to give it a go. Since the purchase, I have made refried beans, chicken, yogurt, rice, ribs, chili, and a roast. Yesterday I found myself emptying the pot of rice, cooking chicken, and wishing I could make yogurt. I have used it way more than I thought I would. From my experience, I make my list of pros and cons. 

Pros of an Instant Pot

  1. It cooks things fast. I generally prefer dried beans for cooking. In the past, I would put the bean in the slow cooker for 12-plus hours. Now, I can have beans ready in about an hour. 
  2. Easier not to burn the rice. I wouldn't consider myself an awful cook. However, I am a distracted one. I have overcooked rice so many times. Now with the Instant Pot, I am a professional rice cooker. 
  3. It is multiple things in one. No need to own a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, etc. You have an Instant Pot. 
  4. It can keep your food warm, and delay start time. I hate trying to keep food warm and am grateful that the Instant Pot will do it for me. 
  5. The pot is easy to clean.  The inside is as easy to clean as other pots. 
  6. No spillover messes. No worry about boiling over! 

Cons of an Instant Pot

  1. There is a learning curve. I am still learning how to use the Instant Pot. It is something that I am far from mastering. 
  2. Areas around the pot insert can get dirty and be hard to clean. Although the pot is easy to clean, everything surrounding it is a little more complicated. 
  3. Sometimes the times are off. I used the pressure cooker setting for chicken yesterday. I had to run the "chicken" setting three times before it was up to temp. 
  4. You can't see what is going on inside. Do I have enough water? Did I put too many beans inside? Should I let it cook longer? I like knowing what is happening with my food. 
  5. The time it takes to preheat isn't included in the cooking time. It can take a long time for the Instant Pot to be ready to start cooking. 
  6. It is expensive. That's a definite con. 

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