04 Aug
Pros of an Apple Watch
Pros and Cons of an Apple Watch
Keeps track of GoalsCharge all of the time
It is easy to switch bandNot as classy as a normal watch
Less phone timeCan be expensive
water proofScreen protectors are a pain

I was super skeptical from day one of the Apple Watch. I am not big into electronics as it is, so having a phone-like thing on my wrist at all times was a no-go. But after my husband had one for a while, I realized how much I would enjoy having an Apple Watch. What are the pros and cons of an Apple Watch?

Pros of an Apple Watch

  1. I hate when my kids see me on my phone all the time. It is so nice to see text messages and phone calls on my watch! It takes a two-second glance to decide whether or not to answer a call or text message. 99% of the time, it can wait until later.
  2. Goals! The Apple Watch tracks your movement and helps you set goals. It keeps me motivated to see my rings close as I work hard throughout the day. It is one less thing I have to keep track of.
  3. The Apple Watch is more accessible to carry around than a phone. You don't have to worry about stuffing an apple watch in a small pocket because it is already attached to your wrist.
  4. Like a phone, a watch has many apps that can help you. The flashlight is one of my favorites. It is nice not to look for my phone or a flashlight when I need extra light.
  5. The Apple Watch is waterproof. It is so nice not to have to worry about doing dishes or taking a shower. I get my hands and arms wet way too much throughout the day to wear an expensive watch that is not waterproof.
  6. Apple watches are like 100 watches put in one. They may look like you have a new watch every day, but in all reality, you're just switching the band. You can have as many bands as you want and switch them out within seconds. 
  7. If you like to listen to a book on tape or music, your watch is nice to pause your entertainment super fast. Click and off! That is how easy it is!
  8. I struggle with timers! If I need to set a timer, I forget to set a timer. If I put on a timer, I turn it off and forget what it was for. The watch is the best timer in the world! It has been the best reminder in the world for me.

Cons of an Apple Watch

  1. The screen protectors don't keep water out. You can Either have a screen cracked or foggy. It is yours to choose.
  2. The flashlight is not super bright. It will not light up a room or even 1 foot in front of you, but if you need it to find something in a dark room for two seconds, it will do its job. 
  3. Sometimes the touchscreen does not work. I have had to reset my watch multiple times to get the screen to start working again. This is a first-world problem but can be annoying if you want to track your exercise or text someone back fast.
  4. Within 24 hours, my watch desperately needs charging. The battery should last longer, but it doesn't. If you want to use your watch all day and wear it throughout the night, it'll be dead before the next day.
  5. Apple Watches aren't as classy as an original watch. Let's be honest; an actual watch looks much better than a little black screen on your wrist. I miss wearing my old watches. I love the different shapes that they had. Yes, you can customize your screen, but it's not the same.

I would 100% recommend getting an apple watch! I have found that you can find very inexpensive ones on Facebook Marketplace. If you don't like used watches, click here for a link to an Apple watch that I would recommend to all of my family members and friends!

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Written By: Sarah

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