24 Oct
Pros of living in Boise, Idaho
 Cons of living in Boise, Idaho
Tons of ShopsExpensive
Tons of new places to see
DiversityHard to find things about Boise
Amazing Out Door RecreationDesert! Dry!
Great WeatherTerrible Drivers
Friendly PeopleHard to find a place to live
Mind Blowing ParksNot a lot of snow (if you like snow)

About a year and a half ago, my husband got accepted into a school in Boise, Idaho. We had another offer but decided to take the school near Boise.

A few weeks later, we drove up to Boise to find a place to live. Long story short, it was a terrible trip!

We have lived here for over 15 months and learned so much! What are the pros and cons of living in Boise, Idaho?

Pros of living in Boise, Idaho

  1. There are a lot of benefits to living in a city. From hundreds of restaurants to thousands of people, you will never be bored if you walk out your front door. Boise, Idaho, is no exception, with new developments constantly on the rise. Almost everyone that moves here says there's always something to do.
  2. The winter is very mild here. We moved from a city with 4 feet of snow in the winter. Here the joke is if there's snow in the morning, you will wear flip-flops in the afternoon. It might not be that extreme, but most snow will be gone in 2 hours after it falls.
  3. People from California say the people they meet here are nice. Our realtor even said she was surprised at the lovely people she met. She said it was tough finding people that were friendly in California.
  4. The job market is fantastic. Like most of the United States, Boise, Idaho, is hiring for almost any occupation. If you want a job, you pretty much have it.
  5. There are a lot of secondary schools here. When it comes to colleges, there's no shortage. We live near at least three colleges in our area. From a community college, the college of Idaho, hair schools, and more.
  6. There is diversity here. I grew up in one kind of people place. Here I often meet people from all sorts of places. This is good for our family as we have understood different cultures and worked with other people from different ethnic backgrounds in our community.
  7. There are some pretty trails that you can walk on around Boise and the surrounding areas. For date night, we often pick a small path to walk along and end up surprised at how quiet and beautiful the trail is, even in the city.
  8. A lot of people come here for recreational activities. A lot of my husband's classmates talk about all of the fun sports and hobbies they participate in every weekend.
  9. The mountains are only about an hour away, so camping is accessible. Do you like camping? Drive a little past Idaho city, which is 30 to 45 minutes from Boise, and you have 10 to 20 beautiful camping spots to choose from.
  10. Big festivals and community events are not limited here. From the hot air balloon festival to weekly concerts and community gatherings, there are plenty of free fun family things to do if you look for them.
  11. Most of your favorite stores will be within 10 minutes. From Winco to the US Chef store, we are never in short supply of the items and food we want. I don't know how often I have wanted something from a store late at night. And I can easily go to the store!
  12. There are a lot of fun parks here in Boise. My friend and I were talking one day about how funny it is that most of the parks aren't even on the map. You discover more as you drive around from place to place, looking for new parks. Some are designs like farmhouse colors or spaceships. 
  13. Do you like hole-in-the-wall places to eat? The first week we were here and decided to try a cute hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop. It was by far the best sandwich we have ever had. 
  14. Boise is a great location for a family vacation or getaway. It is a great place to come! With hundreds of restaurants and activities to do, you will not run out of places to go! That was one bright spot of our trip here to look for housing for you. There are so many great reviews and fun things to try everywhere!

Cons of living in Boise, Idaho

  1. Boise is in the desert. It is very brown and dry all the time. Maybe it is just because we are in a drought. But the drought never ends, as I've been told by people that have lived here all their life.
  2. The cost of living here is super expensive! Would you like to pay $2000 monthly for a one-bed, one-bath apartment? A lot of single students pay that. Throwup!
  3. Buying a house in the Boise area is ridiculous! We have heard that the market might have a slight recession, but who knows? 
  4. Boise can be a little sketchy. That is coming from someone from the country. About three months after I moved here, there was a massive swat team outside the front of my house, ready to arrest our neighbors. This is very common. Of course, it depends on the neighborhood you live in, but I feel like I see cops all the time doing intense things. That is one of the main things I hate.
  5. It is hard to find things to do off of Google. You have to know someone who knows someone that knows a place to go to. It is tough to find good places to hike, swim, or have a picnic at! Unless you talk to the locals. I don't know why many parks and recreation sites here are not on the maps. Many of my friends tell me that as they are driving around, they have to write things down to find them again because they will not find them on Google Maps.
  6. Traffic here is messy! I feel like most cities say that, but I'm not joking when I say that people drive like maniacs here! I think my husband has almost gotten into an accident once a week, going to school only 20 minutes away from us.
  7. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere! You drive for hours, and suddenly, there's Boise. This wouldn't be a problem except that it is hideous! If you have problems staying awake, driving to Boise might not be your best choice!
  8. A lot of the things to do in Boise are spendy! A corn maze/pumpkin patch would typically cost us, $10 a person are $20 a person here. Just plan on upping everything you plan on paying!

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-Pros and Cons Team

Written By: Sarah

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