22 Jun
Pros of having Play DatesCons of having Play Dates
Conversations with AdultsCost
Discover new placesKeeping up with the Jones
Building social skillsGetting out of the door
Get dressed upTemper tantrums
Moral SupportPersonalities that don't mesh

As a mom, there are many things to think about; many moms feel guilt as they think of the long list of dues and don'ts.

How to raise the best kids: The question lingers in every mom's mind. Many worry about ensuring their kids have the proper education and social skills to join society as good citizens.

Moms also needs to get out and talk to other adults. To meet for the best of both worlds, play dates were created where kids play during moms' visits with each other. What are the pros and cons of having play dates?

Pros of Having Play Dates

  1. Having a play date once a week may be the only time a mom sees another adult. From one mom to the next, I sometimes feel like I have not had a good conversation for days. When my husband gets home from school, we can talk a little, but as a student doctor, he has hours of homework each night that he has to attend to. I am often left to my thoughts or the voices of my three little ones.
  2. Your kids develop social skills they would otherwise not be able to. Many parents fear that their child will become socially awkward without the interaction of other children to play with. During playdates, you can introduce your child to new friends with different backgrounds unique to every family.
  3. Do you have an only child? A play date is one of the best ways to teach your child how to communicate with other children. No matter how hard you try not to spoil your only child, it is impossible! I did not think we spoiled our oldest daughter until our second child came along! Boy, was it an adjustment for her! 
  4. Again as a mom, you rarely get the chance to dress up. Having a play date provides an opportunity for you to get showered and dressed! No complaints there!
  5. If you are new to the area, you will discover new parks and places to bring your children. Just the other day, I was invited to a park called the airplane park. I have been in this city for almost a year and have never come across it. I'm super excited to try it out with my new friends. Who wouldn't be excited about parks?
  6. Anxiety and depression are common in a lot of people's lives right now. Look at Covid and the effects on our mental health as a nation. People need people. I was told once that depression and anxiety increased like crazy when the washing machine was invented. Because women, suddenly, were in their homes more often than washing with friends. 
  7. I bring back ideas from other moms and use them in my life. For example, one mom was super great at playing with her kids all sorts of games. It motivated me to become a better mom and spend more time with my kids. On the other hand, I've seen moms with different discipline methods that have come in handy. 
  8. Playdates don't have to be at home. As mentioned before, parks are great places for play dates, churches, gyms, libraries, children's museums, the zoo, and aquariums; you're educating your child about different cultural events while having fun.

 Cons of Having Play Dates

  1. Are all of your friends Instagram-perfect moms? This can be very draining! Fun fact no mom lives an Instagram life every day. Every Instagrammer has had bad hair days, poopy bathrooms, and dirty laundry. Newsflash right! Sometimes play dates can be at the Joneses.
  2. Play dates can be stressful when kids act out. I have been to one-two mini temper tantrum play dates where my kids break down, screaming and crying. Yes, it can be very comfortable but remember, every mom has had to deal with this more than once.
  3. It is hard to get out of the door no matter how often you ask your kids to put on their shoes. You never seem to move closer to the door. Then the car doesn't start, or one of the kids is in the bathroom. Let's face it; all my friends know I will be at least 15 minutes late.
  4. Too many play dates and not enough time. How can I say no to all my friends that I loved? Sometimes relocating was the best thing I ever did. Staying at home is not a bad thing! Even when you're an extrovert! Start fresh and know your limits.
  5. Getting along with each other. One of my friends' kids did not get along with my little girl. They often argued about different toys. This was no fun; I eventually had to call them off. It is hard when so many different personalities have to mesh.
  6. Kids start wanting everything. After a couple of play dates with a friend, my little girl would always beg for the friends' toys. Of course, we didn't give in. But if you have a hard time with parenting and saying no. Play dates can be exhausting on your wallet.

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Written By: Sarah

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