05 Jan
Pros of Being Consistently Late
Cons of Being Consistently Late 
You live life on your scheduleYou leave people waiting
You are never awkwardly earlyAppointment may get rescheduled
You are less uptight when you aren't on timeThere are consequences
No need to speedYou will miss out on many opportunities

Growing up, my family was late for almost everything. One of my teachers went as far as to write a note home and request that I get to school on time. As an adult, I hate being over three minutes late to most things and try to be at appointments ten to fifteen minutes early. From living both lifestyles, I compile my list.

Pros of Being Consistently Late

  1. You live life on your schedule. No need to worry about other people's schedules. If something in your life runs over the allotted time, you can be late for the next thing. 
  2. You are never awkwardly early. I admit I still like to be 5 to 15 minutes late to some parties. I hate being the first one there with the host. 
  3. You are less uptight when you aren't on time. Have you ever seen a parent scream at their kid because they will be a few minutes late?  This scenario is uncalled for and isn't worth it. 
  4. No need to speed. I recently saw an article where a parent was going over 100mph to get their child to school on time. This is terrifying and extreme. Yet, losing the fear of being late helps with the speeding problem. 

Cons of Being Consistently Late

  1. You leave people waiting.  I feel bad for the teachers, doctors, dentists, family, and friends who waited for me to show up.
  2. Appointments may get rescheduled. You may find that people are done waiting for you.
  3. There are consequences. I have witnessed a coworker nearly lose his job because he wasn't on time. I have seen students get punished for tardiness. I have seen family members branded as unreliable because they are never there when they say they would be. 
  4. You will miss out on many opportunities. I missed out! When I was young, my parents mentioned that we were going to ride a train. I was ecstatic! I loved trains and couldn't wait. However, we were running late and missed it. To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. 

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Written By: Kristen  

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