27 Sep
Pros of a Mac Book Air
Cons of a Mac Book Air
It lasts a long timeAny apple product is expensive 
It is compactDoesn't contain a DVD player
Mac Book Airs can be cleaned quicklyThe charging port can be inconvenient at times
It is hard to breakIt is not a touch screen 
It is super light weightYou can't customize it 
It is easy to useScreen can not fold around to lay flat like an iPad 

I have been using a Mac Book Air for about six years. Before that, my family had gone through at least five other laptops. Each of them had pros and cons, but here is my list for this particular laptop.

Pros of a Mac Book Air

  1. It lasts FOREVER! I bought my Mac Book Air 6 years ago from someone that had it before me. It is still going strong and something I would recommend to anyone.
  2. It is compact. I can throw it into a backpack, drawer, or bookshelf. It takes up about as much as a spiral notebook would take up. I know that this isn't the case for many brands of laptops.
  3. Mac Book Airs can be cleaned quickly! With kids around, my laptop has been colored on multiple times. Little sticky fingers have played with it. And it is often used as my cookbook (forever grateful for Pinterest). With a damp cloth, it looks brand new.
  4. It is hard to break! Again with kids around, my little Mac Book air has been thrown off tables. And stepped on way too many times to count! 
  5. It is super light. I love that I never feel like I am hauling around a studio of equipment when I put my laptop in my backpack. Hence the name "Air"!
  6. It doesn't have viruses. Say goodbye to having to pay for expensive virus cleaning products!
  7. It is easy to use. The Mac is super simple. Almost anyone would be able to manage it.

Cons of a Mac Book Air

  1. Any apple product is expensive. Plan to be saving up for a few months! 
  2. The Mac Book Air doesn't contain a DVD player. If you ever want to watch a D.V.D., your laptop is not the place to come.
  3. The charging port can be inconvenient at times. Often while working on my Mac Book, the charger will kink or pop off. This can be frustrating! Especially when your laptop is about to die!
  4. It is not a touch screen. I am used to not having this feature. Many of my friends looking at my laptop become frustrated when they can't scroll with their fingers!
  5. A Mac is not as customizable. If you are a supercomputer-savvy person, a Mac might be limiting to you.
  6. The screen can not fold around to lay flat like an iPad. If you like a lot of bells and whistles, a Mac Book Air might not be for you.

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Written By: Sarah 

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