14 May
Pros of Parents Choice Wet WipesCons of Parents Choice Wet Wipes
Very thick wipesCan feel like News Paper if it dries out a little
Is super cheepHard to open
Smells goodOverly wet
Bright colored packagingNoisy plastic
Can buy in bulkHard to fit in a diaper bag

Ever since we had our first baby, I figured the cheapest type of wipes was the best. After talking to a friend about a brand of wipes she bought and how it made her babies bum bleed and blister, I have had second thoughts about different wipes. I have continued to purchase Parents Choice even after that conversation since this was not the brand that caused such problems with her baby's skin.

Recently another friend dropped by some Pamper's wipes as a baby gift for our third child. To my surprise, there was a massive difference in Pamper's wipes. After comparing just this one brand, I have a better idea of the pros and cons of Parents Choice wipes.

Pros of Parents Choice Wipes

  1. It is nice to know you have something wet to wipe poopy bums or sticky hands. They are always super moist. I feel like I can have them open for a little while and still have wet wipes.
  2. Parents Choice wipes are thick! I don't know about you, but I prefer not to get poop all over my hands! The wipes themselves are very thick. 99% of the time, I can avoid ripping or having nastiness contact my hands with Parents Choice wipes.
  3. The packages hold lots of wipes. It might be because they are so thick as individual wipes, but the box is much larger than the different brands of wipes I have used.
  4. Did I mention that they are cheaper? When it comes to diapers and wipes, you will spend a lot of money on your baby. If you can save a couple hundred dollars a year, would you? I know I always choose to save money rather than buy name-brand material.
  5. Parents Choice wipes come in mini fragrances. From cucumber melon, Shea butter, or fragrance-free, you have multiple options of what you like as a parent. You are not limited to one or the other. I love the cucumber melon! I think it smells fantastic. On the other hand, I know my sister hates any wipe that has a fragrance. It is totally up to you.
  6. Bright colors are my thing. As a mom, sometimes I feel like the small things are what make your day a little better. The brilliant green wipe package is a happy color. Even if I have to change a diaper, it is not depressing to look at. You may think this is silly, but life would be more depressing if you had a brown wipe package.
  7. It feels like you have to use less per diaper change. With the other wipes I have tried, I have to use two or three more wipes than I would use with a Parents Choice wipe. Score! One more way to save money. Of course, this depends on the child, but it is something to consider.
  8. Like many other brands, Parents Choice has options on how many wipe packages you can buy at a time. I love that I can buy a large box of wipes or just three packages at once.

Cons of Parents Choice Wipes

  1. Imagine you have a blowout. Poop is up to their head and down to their toes. Then you realize you have to open a new wipe package with one hand as you try to balance your crying baby with the other. Maybe I struggle, but it is tough to break the seal of the wipes in a new package. It is nearly impossible to break the seal with one hand without making it super awkward and hard to get the wipes out on the parent's choice.
  2. It may already exist, but it would be nice to have small packages for diaper bags. It is hard to carry a large newly opened wipe package in a diaper bag. With all of the things, you have to take around in your diaper bag, adding a brick size package of wipes is hard to fit.
  3. The plastic on the wipes are noisy. You may think all wipe brands are loud when opening a package to change diapers. I don't feel like this is the case with all of them. The worst is in the middle of the night, and you hope your other kids will stay asleep. Then you reach for the crumpling cracking loud wipes. I always cringe when I have to grab them. Of course, my kids usually sleep through this sound, but as a sleep-deprived mom, I often worry about waking them up.
  4. They are not super soft! Wipes or wipes, right? No! There are considerable differences in the softness of wipes. Parents' choices may have a lot going for them, but soft baby-like wipes are not one of them. Especially if they are starting to dry out slightly, talk about newspaper texture on your baby's bum.
  5. The last few wipes of the package are super wet. Talk about dripping all over everything. This was not the case with my other kids, but the previous few wipe boxes I have opened for my little girl have been soaked. Maybe I can't complain about this because it keeps moisture in the wipes longer, but there's so much water I could probably get an extra fourth cup out of the last three wipes in the package.

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Written By: Sarah

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