19 Jan
Pros and Cons of Lego's
Pros and Cons of Lego's
Hours of entertainmentStepping on them HURTS!
Build fine motor skillsChoking Hazard
Teaches kids how to follow directionsThey are hard to clean up
It is a great way to spend time with your kidsLegos are expensive

My older brother and I would sit in our basement for hours playing with his ginormous bucket of Legos. It felt like there was no end to pieces and creativity, even with such fond memories. I have held back on getting my kids Legos. What are the pros and cons of Legos?

Pros of Lego's

  1.  Let's talk about the hours of entertainment! There are countless ways to build anything of your choosing. Some colors are bright, dual colors and anything in between. There are Lego pads to create landscapes; on top of that, they're little people that you can place in your little world of Legos. 
  2. Legos build fine motor skills. It is a big fad now to ensure your child has fine motor skills. Legos can help especially older children. Your child learns to use their brain and create something with their hands.
  3. It teaches children how to follow directions. If you buy a box of Legos, where the child has to put together a specific model, like a car or spaceship, the child has to follow step-by-step instructions to reach the desired outcome. This is a great way to explain to your kids that they can achieve their goals by following directions and rules.
  4. Sharing toys is hard! Legos will teach sharing. I remember looking through my brother's large bucket of Legos. We were both looking for different pieces and asking the other to help find what we were looking for or giving tips and pieces to help each other build their structures.
  5. Lego building is a great bonding experience for parents. As my kids get older, I would love to sit down with them and play with Legos. How many boys would give anything if their dad would come home from work and help them build something out of Legos? It would be something to remember for the rest of their lives.
  6. You know it is a good toy when it's been a toy for this long. Toys go in and out of phases, and Legos have always remained popular, which shows how great it is for kids. 

Cons of Lego's

  1. The biggest con is stepping on a corner of a Lego block barefoot. Anyone that has had this happen to them will explain that it is one of the worst pains! It hurts super bad!
  2. As a mom with three little kids, I don't like having Legos around because it is a choking hazard! When my kids grow up to be a little older, I would love to get Legos! But at this time, I don't want to risk it!
  3. Legos tend to be left out a lot! Hundreds of thousands of little pieces will be found practically everywhere. Even the best cleaning kids will still miss Legos while tidying up.
  4. Legos are expensive! Even secondhand Legos are pricey. You have to invest slowly in small amounts to afford Legos. The question is, is it worth the money?
  5. There are so many different kits that build various modeled cars, spaceships, and other designs. How are you supposed to keep them all separate? Would you dump them all in one big bucket, or do you have the space to separate each design?
  6. There are limits to Legos. Millions of designs are potential, but for a little kid, it may seem impossible. I remember trying to build things that would feel impossible when I was little because Legos can only do so much.
  7. If you invest in Legos for your kids, and they're used to watching hours of TV, the Legos, maybe set aside and never touched. What a waste of money and imagination!

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Written By: Sarah

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