13 Jan

Pros of Having a Glass Door Instead of a Shower Curtain

Cons of Having a Glass Shower Instead of a Shower Curtain
Glass looks so goodThe calking around the glass shower molds easy
Glass is a popular new lookThey have the worst water stains 
No need to worry about water leaking outside of the showerNo privacy 
Pros of Having a Shower Curtain Instead of Glass
Cons of Having a Shower Curtain Instead of Glass
You can change the color whenever you wantDon't dry as easily 
Easier to replace or cleanIt intrudes into the shower
You can pull up a shower curtain when bathing your kidsIt doesn't always keep all the water inside the shower

Before moving out of state, I owned my own cleaning business. With this, I had the opportunity to clean hundreds of bathrooms. Many bathrooms were different shapes and sizes, but all had one thing in common. They either had a glass door or shower curtain to prevent water from leaking out while showering. With this experience and having glass doors and shower curtains in different homes, we have lived in. I decided it would be well worth my time to write the pros and cons of both. Here I go!

Pros of Having a Glass Door Instead of a Shower Curtain

  1. The look of glass on a shower is breathtaking. Walking onto one job site, I had to take a second to admire the beauty of a LARGE shower surrounded by walls of glass. It was crazy as my employees had the same breathtaking response as they helped me clean this home.
  2. You know what is happening outside the shower. Growing up my, sisters would often sneak into the bathroom and dump a bucket of freezing water all over me as I showered. This would not have happened if I could have seen them coming.
  3. You don't have to worry about water leaking outside of the shower. In an apartment I lived in, we didn't know that water was leaking outside the curtain while showering. Eventually, this caused terrible water damage.
  4. While updating your bathroom, a glass shower is a popular thing. Do you like nice things? Do you try to stay up with the new fad? If this is the case, a glass shower is for you. 

Pros of Having a Shower Curtin Instead of Glass

  1. You can change the color whenever you want. Do you like redecorating? There are hundreds of colors and designs that you can put in your bathroom. I enjoy walking around Walmart looking at the cute curtains with matching rugs and towels. Maybe it is just me, but I love the variety.
  2. When a shower curtain gets dirty, you can wash it in the washer or throw it away. When my husband and I got married, someone gave us a super cute shower curtain we used for years. After taking it down and washing it multiple times, we finally decided it was time to retire it. This decision did not require a ton of time or money which would not have been the case with a glass shower.
  3. You can pull up a shower curtain while bathing your kids. If you have a bath shower, you can pull up the curtain to have easy access to the whole tub. 

Cons of Having a Glass Shower Instead of a Shower Curtain

  1. The calking around the glass shower molds easy. You can buy an anti-mold caulk, but you will still have mildew and mold in-between the calk and glass. It is a pain to keep clean!
  2. Glass showers have the worst water stains when not constantly maintained. These are not super hard to remove but can be time-consuming! Just keep in mind the beauty of a glass shower will not last more than a week without daily attention.
  3. NO privacy! Growing up in a large family, a glass shower would not have been realistic. With everyone trying to race around getting ready for school, we would call out that we were in the bathroom and not get out of the shower without warning. Again not a good idea for a small home with a big family!

Cons of Having a Shower Curtain Instead of a Glass Shower

  1. Do you like soggy things? Shower curtains often get soaked on the edges. 
  2. Going along with soggy curtains water tends to leave all kinds of stains on curtains. Soap scum, black moldy messes, water blotches, and anything else that might come in contact with a thin piece of fabric will leave lovely spots.
  3. Some shower curtains look tacky. Have you ever been in a bathroom and wonder what they thought when they chose their curtain? I have! It isn't bad to show your personality, but you might want to consider what you want to be front and center in your bathroom.
  4. It intrudes into the shower. You have at least five inches of unusable space because of how the curtain hangs.
  5. Shower curtains don't seem to cover the whole shower. Do you want water to leak from the front or the back? It is for you to decide.

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Written By: Sarah 

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