04 Nov
Pros of Glass Food Storage Containers
Cons of Glass Food Storage Containers
Freezable and Microwaveable
More Expensive
Easier to cleanNot as child friendly
They last longer than plastic containersIf they have a seal on the lid it can be a pain to clean
Easier to organizeCan shatter
Easier to view the content on the containerIf they have clip on lids, it can me loud when snapping them on

 As a teenage girl, I dreaded opening the cupboard where all the food storage containers were. To say that cupboard was a hot mess would be an understatement. It was a common occurrence to have several containers fall to the ground when the door was ajar. I got into the habit of chucking the container into the cupboard and then slamming the door. These food storage containers were the bane of my existence. Everything changed when my husband got me a set of glass storage containers; my world has never been the same since!

Pros of Glass Food Storage Containers

  1. The dish is freezable and microwaveable. I know I consumed so much plastic growing up. We microwaved our plastic containers, and we put hot food in our plastic containers. Have you ever put hot soup in a container and had the plastic melt in such a way that you spring a leak? I have! Let's end by saying I love that I can trust putting hot food in these glass containers.
  2. They are easier to clean. Plastic LOVES grease. Our containers, growing up, often held a yellow tint; it was disgusting! Even after scrubbing the plastic containers, they still felt dirty.
  3. They last longer than plastic. Do you know how many plastic containers I have melted?? Haha, you don't want to know! I have an awful habit of putting plastic items by the stovetop, and they melt and stink. With glass, this isn't a problem. I have yet to break one of my glass containers (knock on wood).
  4. I can organize them. Where once there was cautious, now there is order!!!! I love how nicely they organize and fit in a small space in my kitchen. I no longer dread putting away containers!
  5. You can see what food each container hold. Plastic containers are harder to see what food they contain (especially after they receive a lot of wear).With these glass containers this becomes less of a problem. 

Cons of Glass Food Storage Containers

  1. They can be more expensive. As long as you are not getting name-brand plastic containers, you can count on spending more on glass food storage containers.
  2. They are loud when you clip shut. Since becoming a new mom, I seem to notice loud noises. Most of my plastic dishes have lids that snap shut, and they are noisy (just a fair warning)!
  3. The seal-proof lining is annoying to clean. Unless food gets in the seal, I don't take it out of the lid to clean. Yet, there always comes a moment when the seal must come out; it is a pain to remove.
  4. They can shatter, and become a hazard. Shattered glass is never fun to deal with, especially with young children. 
  5. They don't work as great for children. Have you ever put snacks in a container for your toddler? Glass may not be the best choice due to the fact it can shatter. Have you ever put containers in your child's lunch pack? Glass may not be the best choice due to the fact that it is heavier, and more valuable (let's me honest kids loose things). 

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By: Kristen 

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