04 Nov
Pros of a Ninja Blender
Cons of a Ninja Blender
It is a master of blending anythingIt can be awkward to fit frozen fruit in the blender
It is really durableThe base is a pain to clean
There are a lot more safety features The single serve is a pain to clean
The single serve is convenient The blade is a pain to clean
It is dishwasher safeAll in all it is a nightmare to clean

I love a refreshing smoothie, and to be honest, who doesn't? Smoothie are especially nice when you have a blender that works! I always seemed to use the blenders that didn't work.  Imagine my excitement when we received a Ninja blender for my wedding. Now we could have smoothies without the whole house smelling like a burning motor (I am not making this up).

Pros of a Ninja Blender

  1. The Ninja is a master at blending anything. From horchata to orange juice, this blender is incredible. I love how finely it blends! It is nothing less than a miracle.
  2. The Ninja blender is durable. Believe me when I say this blender is sturdy. The plastic is thick and ready to last. I feel our blender will last for years to come.
  3. It has a lot more safety features. As a teenager, I stuck a spoon through the hole on the top of the blender. Oh, and one more detail I should add as a side note, the blender was running. The spoon may or may not have rented from my hand. Okay, before you judge, I was trying to get the frozen fruit unstuck. Anyways this type of incidence would be much harder to accomplish with a Ninja. The pouring section is much smaller. Also, if the lid is open on the Ninja the machine won’t run.
  4. The single-serve is convenient. Can I say I love the single-serve? In the past, I would always make too much and end up with leftovers (that often would go bad). With the single-serve, this is no longer a problem. 
  5. The Ninja blender is dishwasher safe.  Everything but the motor can be thrown into a dishwasher. 

Cons of a Ninja Blender

  1. It can be awkward to fit frozen items in the blender. It is sometimes hard to squeeze frozen fruit around the blade. The space is not there. 
  2. The base is a pain to clean. I once overfilled my blender, and I have yet to get the base clean (over a year later). Let's say it is near nigh impossible.
  3. The single-serve is a pain to clean. I was horrified when my husband pulled out the seal around the blade of the single-serve blender. I had no clue it existed and therefore had never cleaned it. It was disgusting; there were all sorts of black food particles! Since our discovery, I have washed it every use, and it is a pain! I have not cleaned it for days at a time because I can't get the seal out. Note: Even if you just stick yours in the dishwasher you need to take out the seal. 
  4. The blade is a pain to clean.  The first time my husband cleaned this machine, he sliced his finger on the blade. It is just not cleaning-friendly. Note: This problem can be eliminated if you use a dishwasher.
  5. Did I mention this is a nightmare to clean! There have been oodles of times I haven't used the blender because I don't want to clean it. Do you get my point? THIS PRODUCT IS A NIGHTMARE TO CLEAN!

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By: Kristen 

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