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Pros of Dutch Oven Cooking
Cons of Dutch Oven Cooking
It tastes SO goodIt takes longer to cook a meal
You can make a lot of food in  one Dutch OvenThey can be a pain to clean 
Provides a great way to not heat your house during the summerDutch Ovens can stain clothes 
Dutch Ovens can last foreverIt is hard to cook everything evenly 
You can make almost anything in a Dutch OvenThey are so heavy

Have you ever tried making dinner in a Dutch Oven? If you haven't this, is a must-try experience! Growing up, I was blessed to have both parents that cooked very well. My dad would often make a few Dutch Oven meals throughout the year and teach my siblings and me some tricks to make the food turn out perfectly. When I moved out of my parent's home, I continued cooking in the Dutch Oven using trial and error. Here are my pros and cons of Dutch Oven cooking

Pros of Dutch Oven Cooking

  1. It tastes SO good! Have you ever heard someone say that food cooked outside tastes better? I think this is 100% true in my opinion as you eat a hot Dutch Oven dinner prepared outdoors.
  2. You can make a lot of food in one Dutch Oven. If you ever want to have a large family dinner, Dutch Ovens are the way to go! With 2 or 3 of them, you can have leftovers to feed an army. It doesn't mean you have to have them all of the way full every time. You can also make small portions, but it is an option.
  3. In the summer cooking outside saves you from heating your home. My older sister decided one summer to use their Dutch Oven outside every night because their apartment was so hot when they turned on the stove . Every time I called to catch up, it was fun to hear what new recipes they were trying with their Dutch Oven.
  4. If you take care of your Dutch Oven, it can last forever! I know there is a lot of ways people clean their Dutch Ovens. My dad taught us to pour some salt and oil in the bottom and wipe it around with paper towels until clean. I love this method because it preserves it from rusting and keeps the flavor of the oven.
  5. You can make almost anything you want. Bread, pizza, tacos, and cake! YUM! What new things can you try and make?
  6. It is inexpensive to do! If you have charcoal or hot embers from a fire. You have a lifetime of out-of-this-world dinners.

Cons of Dutch Oven Cooking

  1. It takes longer to cook a meal with a Dutch Oven. Starting the charcoals, heating the Dutch oven, and turning it for even cooking it is a time-consuming dinner.
  2. Dutch ovens can be a pain to clean. If you burn a lot of food onto the Dutch Oven, it might feel like you are Cinderella after you have struggled to clean the ashes away.
  3. Dutch ovens can stain your clothes. After sitting in a fire or briquette for hours of cooking, you can't expect anything less. I don't know how many times I have rubbed up against a dirty pan and stained my shirt or pants.
  4. It is hard to cook everything evenly in a Dutch Oven. Have you had a Dutch Oven dinner where half of your potatoes are crunchy, and the sides are burning? You are not alone!
  5.  Dutch ovens are heavy! They are built to last. Just don't break your back when you decide to lift an 18-inch pan that is 100% full... 

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Written By: Sarah 

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