04 Nov
Pros of Camping
Cons of Camping
You get to enjoy the outdoorsLess comfortable
Great getawayMore dangerous then staying home
Creates memoriesIf you forget something you need to do without
Experience a simpler lifestyleBugs
Learn new skillsSome may think camping is boring
Beautiful views and smellsCamping can end up being expensive

I love camping! There is not enough said about the healing that comes from getting away from life. I am not talking about sitting around a campfire and drinking. I want to point out the beautiful things that the outdoors can do for you. Here are a few of the pros and cons I came up with.

Pros of Camping

  1.  You get to enjoy the outdoors. There is so much to enjoy. Some of my favorite childhood memories were up camping with my family! From singing around the campfire, playing super smash brothers on fallen logs, and eating campfire roasted food! YUM!!
  2. Great way to get away for awhile. The outdoors can really bring you so much peace. As you step away from life and electronics, you can refocus your life and become a better person. Have you ever gone on vacation only to get a person from the office contacting you all day? If so you need to give camping a shot. 
  3. Creates incredible memories.  I love thinking back on camping trips long gone. To say these are some of my fondest memories is an understatement. 
  4.  Experience and live a simpler lifestyle for a short time. After going without so many of the modern conveniences, you all of a sudden start appreciating everything! Like dishwashers that clean dishes for you. Your clean dishes never looked so clean!
  5.  Practice and learn new skills. Kevin and I are very competitive. When It comes to learning who can start the fire the fastest, the game is on! Using a Firestarter doesn't count! 
  6.  Beautiful views and smell. I don't think I can explain the smells of a mountain morning. Unless you have experienced it yourself, there is no way to explain it. I am longing for it right now as I am writing.

Cons of Camping

  1.  It is less comfortable. You can say that again! For anyone that loves hot showers and can't go without one, camping can be rough!
  2.  Camping is more dangerous than staying home. Bears, cliffs, weather changes, and more. Camping is a lot of fun, but you just need to be aware and be prepared!
  3.  Forgetting something. Have you ever gone up camping and forgot to bring your sleeping bag? Or how about toilet paper? Ya, that can't be good... 
  4. Camping during the summer means bugs. I have yet to meet a person that loves mosquitos.
  5.  Not as much to do. Some might think that camping is boring. If you don't have a life away from your screen, camping will be hard for you!
  6. Camping can be expensive . In the chart bellow I listed options of items that are essential in three categories. Feel free to mix and match categories. All prices from Amazon.

How much does it cost to get camping basics?

NecessityOption 1: Intense CamperOption 2: CamperOption 3: Fair Weather Camper


Tarp ($10.99)Tent: ($599)
If money isn't an issue this top one would be my suggestion. 
New RVs you can expect anywhere between $16K-$60K
Sleeping Geer Hammock($39.95)/
Sleeping bag ($41.90)
Sleeping bag($41.90)RV bed
Means to Start a fireflint and steel ($13.95)Matches ($8.30)Lighter ($8.50)
Means to Cook Meals
Dutch Oven ($79.99)Camp Chef ($149.99)RV Kitchen
Filter ($39.95)Campsite with drinkable waterBottled water 
Axe ($31.98)
Find your own firewood
Bring your own firewoodBuy your own firewood
Camp Chairs
Stumps and boulders :)Camping Chair ($27.49)Camping Lounge Chair ($61.49)

"Our goal is to help the world make decisions with a list of Pros and Cons. We invite all to add to our lists to help others make the most educated decision possible. We are all in this world together to help each other and learn from what others have learned from their lives journey." - Pros and Cons Team

Written By: Sarah 

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