08 Nov
Pros of a Cheap Wedding Ring
Cons of a Cheap Wedding Ring
You can spend the money you would have spent on something else
Your finger can go green if you get too cheap
You can focus more on the marriage and not the weddingIt won't last as long
It isn't as stressful when it gets lostMoney makes the ring more meaningful
No one seems to know the differenceIt can lead to feelings of self-consciousness 

When I and my now-husband were dating, we talked about how much an engagement ring should cost. I mentioned I didn't want over $100 spent on a ring. Therefore my wedding ring was an $8 ring from Walmart. With that experience, I have seen the pros and cons of a cheap wedding ring.

Pros of Buying a Cheap Wedding Ring

  1. You can spend that money elsewhere. I inwardly cringe when guys don't propose because they have to save up for the $5,000 wedding ring. Can I tell you what we did with the money we would have spent? We got a head start on paying off my husband's student loans and were able to graduate debt-free. Also, PLEASE don't take out a loan for a ring. Why start a marriage by paying off debt for a piece of metal and rock? Don't you realize that financial reasons are the number one cause of divorce?
  2. You can focus more on the marriage and not the wedding. We have a problem in our culture; we focus more on the wedding than on the years that follow. Chick flicks end at the wedding. Romance novels end at the wedding. Love too often ends not too long after the wedding. Why do we do this to ourselves? When we let go of the idea of the thousand-plus dollar ring, we can focus more on long-term marriage. 
  3. It isn't as stressful when it gets lost. I lose small things all of the time. Even as I write this blog, I have lost my $8 ring for the tenth time. I want to find it, but I know it is only $8. 
  4. No one knows the difference. I don't tell many people that my ring was cheap, and no one seems to know. In the end, you smile and accept the compliment when people tell you how much they love your ring.

Cons of Buying a Cheap Wedding Ring

  1. Your finger can turn green if you go too cheap:) I did have that happen! I started having to put clear nail polish on the inside of my ring to solve the problem. This situation was a bit annoying. 
  2. It will not last as long. The coloring of my ring went from silver to a bronze-looking color within a few short months. I mean, let's face the facts, an $8 ring will not last decades.
  3. Money makes the ring more meaningful. For many women  a wedding ring may be one of the most valuable gifts they have ever received. An expensive ring can be a meaningful way to start a beautiful marriage. 
  4. It can lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Many women worry about what others think of their clothing, makeup, manicure, or jewelry. If this is the case, an $8 wedding ring may lead a woman to increased feelings of self-consciousness. 

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Written By: Kristen 

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