08 Oct

After having a second child and having COVID hit, Walmart pick up make life easier.  I also know from working door dash that I am not the only one that has found Walmart pickup helpful. Since then, I have had a lot of questions about the Pros and Cons of using Walmart Pickup. Here is a list to consider when starting to use a pickup.

Pros of Walmart Pickup 

  1. It is a lot faster! If you know what groceries you need, then a fast order online can take 15 minutes. Then a couple of hours later, all you have to do is pick them up. My kids no longer have to sit in a cart for an hour while I cram things around them. With a few short minutes on my laptop, shopping is done for the week.
  2. Someone loads your car for you. You can get out and help the workers load your trunk, but if you have a screaming baby or an urgent phone call, they do the work for you.
  3. It is free. Nothing beats free! You need to order at least $35 worth of groceries, and you can consider the job done. At no cost to you!
  4. You know the price before you check out. I love this! I hate getting to the register and realizing I overspent for the month. While shopping online, you can always see your total. You can add in that extra candy bar or take away those steaks you can't afford. 
  5. It is a contact free pickup. I know a lot of moms are worried about exposing their babies to the germy world. Walmart Pickup just became that much better. No one to worry about getting your kids sick.
  6. You schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you know you will be on your way home from work at five, then why not take 3 minutes to pick up dinner and all of your groceries on the way home? 
  7. Often they will give you free samples. It is always fun to try products you wouldn't buy otherwise and see if it is something that you would consider purchasing another time. Again you can't go wrong with free!
  8. You tend to spend less. We all know that you should never shop if you are hungry! The extra money you might spend because you smell or see something you don't need is a lot. It is hard to buy something that you don't know is being sold!
  9. You can shop from your couch. The convenience of online shopping!

Cons of Walmart Pickup 

  1. You lose out on picking all of the produce yourself. Do you know how to pick out a rad watermelon? Well, it is impossible to pick out the perfect one online! Better hope that the Walmart employee knows your skills!
  2. All the pickup time slots may be gone. Walmart does have lots of time spots open, but lots of people use Pickup. I often can't get the time I want until the next day. 
  3. You don't get to see all of the fun seasonal foods and decorations. I love looking at all of the cupcakes and cookies that are festive. With the Pickup, it is hard to know what new items are in the store.
  4. You don't get the exercise you would have gotten had you shopped for your groceries. You get a lot of walking in if you are to go up and down each aisle.
  5. You lose out on the social aspect of shopping. Growing up in a small town, I would always run into friends and family members while shopping. I loved catching up with friends that I hadn't seen for a few months! In a city, it's rare to come across someone you know, but I still think it is beneficial to be around others.

"Our goal is to help the world make decisions with a list of Pros and Cons. We invite all to add to our lists to help others make the most educated decision possible. We are all in this world together to help each other and learn from what others have learned from their lives journey." - Pros and Cons Team

Written By: Sarah Cox

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