14 Jan
Pros of Shopping at a Thrift Store
Cons of Shopping at a Thrift Store
You can be youYou need to be good at it
You will save a ton of moneyYou can pick up a lot of junk
Great place to find furnitureSome things are just nasty 
It is like going to a museum Kids can be made fun of for shopping thrift 
It is possible to barter Sometimes you can overpay

Nothing beats finding a good deal! But nothing is worse than thinking you have a good deal and finding out that it is garbage. There are hundreds of thousands of thrift stores to choose from. All of them have great prices, but also a lot of worn-out overused products. After shopping at a thrift store for most of my life, I think I can tell almost anyone the pros and cons of doing so. Here is my list.

Pros of Shopping at a Thrift Store

  1. You can be you! Thrift stores are like a melting pot of clothing styles, furniture, and décor. You can find things from an old attic to stores only millionaires shop at. The never-ending treasures are mind-blowing!
  2. You WILL save a ton of money! I can get two pairs of pants, one dress, three jackets, four shirts, and a couple of shoes for $100. That might get you four shirts at a general clothing store.
  3. It is the perfect place to go furniture shopping if you are creative. I love projects! I am not afraid to sand down and redo any furniture. If you love creating your look, thrift stores are the place for you. Nothing beats a $30 dresser that would have cost you $350.
  4. Do you love going to museums? You are in luck! When walking into any thrift store, you never know what time frame you will come across. Early 1900's? 1970's? 0r how about 2000's? 
  5. You can make money by thrift shopping. Do you have a hobby that you know everything about? Maybe it is video games, golf, reading, ext., by using that knowledge and searching for rare items in high demand. You can; resale what you find and make a pretty penny.
  6. You can talk down the price. A few of my friends will ask for a manager and barter to get a better price. I am not that brave, but it is an option!

Cons of Shopping at a Thrift Store

  1. You have to be good at doing it. Some people don't understand how to find things at a thrift store. It is a talent and something you need to practice. Most people would be surprised at some of the men and women that shop at thrift stores you; would never be able to guess because they are so good at it.
  2. You can pick up a lot of junk! Do you need a donut maker for $3? Probably not! If you aren't going to use it all of the time, don't fall into "Good Deal Hoarder Mode"!
  3. Some things are just nasty! Armpit stained old white shirts. Gross! Do you know if that person had plantar warts on their feet and now you are wearing their shoes? Good luck!
  4. Kids can be made fun of by not shopping at the hottest stores. I remember my mom saying she would never go thrift shopping when she was younger because those kinds of kids would get bullied. I think this is sad, but it does happen.
  5. You sometimes overpay. Paying $2 for a box of broken crayons when you can get them new for $1 is probably a poor decision on your part. Just make sure to price check before buying.

"Our goal is to help the world make decisions with a list of Pros and Cons. We invite all to add to our lists to help others make the most educated decision possible. We are all in this world together to help each other and learn from what others have learned from their lives journey." - Pros and Cons Team

Written By: Sarah 

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