09 Oct
Pros of Owning Two Cars
Cons of Owning Two Cars
It is great to have another car for emergencies Your car insurance will increase
It is great to be able to have a family car and a commuter carGas, oil changes, car payments, car washes,  and car problems will increase. 
If one car breaks down you have something to fall back onYou need space to store the other car.
It looks like someone is home more of the timeHarder to take care of both cars. 
The more cars you have the more you know about carsYou need to coordinate who will fill up on gas
No need to coordinate with your spouse  It is easier to take a car, even when it isn't necessary to take a car

Shortly after Kevin and I got married, we downsized from having two cars to having one. It was 100% doable because Kevin could bike to school, and I could walk to work. Even after having two kids, we stuck with having one vehicle. Recently we decided it would be better to get a second car. Here are a few pros and cons of owning two vehicles.

Pros and Cons of Owning Two Cars

  1. In the case of an emergency, a second car gives peace of mind. With Kevin gone  with the car for 8 hours a day, I was worried  I wouldn't have the resources to help the kids in case of an emergency. Our two-year-old boy jumping off the table and cracking open his head is not unlikely. 
  2. We love having one family car and one commuter car! The big SUV can pull a trailer and take us camping . The other car saves gas as we drive around town.
  3. If one car breaks down, you have something to fall back on. Now we don't have to worry about being stuck on the freeway without away home. You don't have to worry about being that family that has to walk for 10 miles to the nearest gas station. One less thing to stress about!
  4. It always looks like someone is home, even if no one is. We don't live in the rosiest part of town. It brings peace of mind to have another car parked in the driveway! You never know if someone is waiting for you to leave your home.
  5. The more cars you have the, more you know about different makes and models. How many ways can a headlight be changed? The answer is a lot! 
  6. You don't have to coordinate with your spouse who has the car. Have to go to the store, park, doctor's appointment. Not a problem! Consider yourself self-sufficient.

Con of Owning Two Cars

  1. Plan on doubling the cost of insurance. Going from $35 a month for one car to $80 for two cars can make a dent in a tight budget. 
  2. Long story short costs double. BIG frowny face! Gas, oil changes, repairs, car washes. Need I say more? Oh, wait there, is more! How about car payments, registering, licensing, and the list goes on?
  3. To have two cars you need the space to put a second one. No street parking or garage? No car for you! Or you can be classy and park your truck in the front yard.
  4. Harder to keep up on the cars. When you switch between cars it is easier to forget to add more windshield wiper fluid, vacuum,  or fill up on gas.
  5. You need to coordinate who will fill up on gas.  When you haven't driven one of the cars you may be in for a surprise the next time you drive . Nothing is worse then to be running late, and realize you have no choice but to fill up. 
  6. It is easier to take the car, even when it isn't necessary to take the car. Whereas before you would walk 15 minutes to a destination, now you will take the car. This gives you less exercise and releases more carbon dioxide. 

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Written By: Sarah 

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