13 Jan
Pros of Gift Cards
Cons of Gift Cards
Easy giftWaste so much money
You pay exactly how much you want to giveSome gift cards have an expiration date
Oblige people to spend money somewhere special Forces recipient to spend money in a way that may not be beneficial  

Over the years, I have received countless gift cards at my wedding, at work, and at celebrations. Recently as I have been using my small stash of cards, I paused to think about the pros and cons of gift cards. 

Pros of Gift Cards

  1. Gift cards are an easy gift. Rather than walking around for hours in a store, grab a couple of gift cards. Rather than paying high shipping costs, mail a gift card for a little over 50 cents. Rather than taking time to wrap a gift, throw this card in an envelope. There is no time left to run to the store? No stress, you can now purchase an online version and text the "card" to your friend. 
  2. The gift card allows the recipient to get the gift they want for the price you want.  Both the giver and the receiver are happy!
  3. Gift cards oblige people to spend money somewhere special. You can compel the recipient to eat out, go to a movie, visit a theme park, and so much more. 

Cons of Gift Cards

  1. Gift cards waste so much money! Billions of dollars are wasted each year on unused gift cards. How many times have you tossed a gift card that has had a dollar left on it? How many times have you just not used a gift card?
  2. Some gift cards have an expiration date.  Your gift may expire if not used quickly.  I received a gift card with an expiration date of around 8 months from when I received it. If you don't use it, you lose it! (This is how companies get you to give them free money).
  3. Gift cards force the recipient to use the money in a way that may not be as beneficial. As a poor college student, I got a $50 gift card to a nice restaurant. The gift card was super thoughtful, but $50 would have covered more than two weeks of groceries for me. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to give money. 

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Written by: Kristen 

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