26 Jan
Pros of Buying on Facebook Marketplace
Cons of Buying on Facebook Marketplace
Helps reduce wasteIt takes time to look online
Helping the seller outYou can run into creeps
You can get a new things for lessYou may have to go out of your way to pick something up
No need to go a thrift store You can get lemons
Most people are willing to bargainPeople can take forever to answer
You can do most things as a contactless pickup (since COVID)Scams are real

Many people know I love thrift shopping and getting the most for my money. In the past couple of years, I have become interested in buying things off Facebook Marketplace; there are so many amazing things you can purchase as you take a little time to look. Here are a few of my Pros and Cons.

Pros of Buying on Facebook Marketplace

  1. You are helping reduce waste. By not always buying everything new, you are saving the earth! Can you imagine if everyone threw away their baby's cribs after only using them for a year? We would have a big mess.
  2. You are helping the seller out. When you pay the seller for their items, you are helping them out. For a while, I would sell things on Facebook Marketplace so I could make our finances stretch throughout tight months. You don't know what the seller is going through you, may be the answer to their prayers.
  3. You can have new things for almost nothing. Do you like having a newly furnished home? Do you have a lot of money to do it? If not, try looking through Facebook Marketplace for a few days, and I can guarantee that you will find some mind-blowing deals.
  4. You don't have to go from  thrift store to thrift shop. Quite frankly, most thrift stores are a mess! It is super easy to type in what you want to find and in what location, then voila, a hundred items pop up (some will even ship it to you).
  5. Most people are willing to bargain with you. I often talk people down even lower than the original asking price. Most sellers want their old "junk" gone. Save a little money while saving money!
  6. Since COVID, you can do most things as a contactless pickup. Pay Venmo or leave the money where they want it, and you never have to meet the person face to face. It is so easy.
  7. Free stuff. Everyone loves free things cloths, couches, chairs, and more. If you type in "free stuff" there are usually 50 items that the seller wants gone. If you are fast on the draw and beat others to it, it is all yours for no cost. YAY!

Cons of Buying on Facebook Marketplace

  1. It takes time to look onlineIf I need something, I will look every day until I find what I want. If you are on your phone a lot, this might not be hard, but others struggle with finding the time to search.
  2. Sometimes you run into creepers. Don't meet them at their home. It's not worth something happening to you. 
  3. You often have to drive out of your way for a pickup. Unless you want to pay for shipping, you are in charge of picking up everything you buy. It is the worst to realize that the person lives 45 minutes away after you pay (lesson learned, ask before you buy).
  4.  Sometimes you get lemons. Yes, this is a chance you are taking. In the years I have done it, I have been lucky and not had a lot of bummers, but it is the risk you have to take.
  5. People take forever to answer. Have you ever found your dream couch online, and it takes two weeks before you hear anything back? Yes, this happens more than not.
  6. Look out for scams. Facebook does a pretty good job of monitoring scams. But it never hurts to be on the over-cautious side!

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Written By: Sarah 

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