16 Jun
Pros of Buying a Used Car
Cons of Buying a Used Car
It costs a lot less then a new carThey are more likely to break down
There are so many optionsMore part need to be replaced
You learn a lot more about cars when you are working on themThey may not last as long
Old cars have so much characterFewer bells and whistles 
Old cars have more info and reviewsYou don't know the history of used cars
The value of a used car is more stableNot as fashionable 

My aunts were always worried about my mom's safety when we were younger because we never had a "reliable" car. Just because a car isn't brand new does this make it unreliable? Was it putting all of us at risk? 


Pros of Buying a Used Car

1. You can buy a used car for a lot less than you can a new car. While looking at car options my husband and I were surprised to see that we could easily buy a used car for 1/4 of the price of a new car.

2.There is a ton of variety when buying a used car. Do you want a 90's pick-up or 2000's minivan? Do you want a project car or one to haul kids to school? The choice is yours!

3. You learn a lot about cars as you are working on them. I became friends with a girl that knew almost everything about cars. We would get together to replace this, that, or the other. It was a lot of fun to begin to understand how everything works.

4.Old cars have so much character. In high school, my parents bought a little beater car for us to drive around. Oh, I loved that car. I named it Cream Soda and to this day I have the key for that car. Haha, I cried when it finally broke down for good.

5. The make and model of a used car has more information and reviews, than a new car. New cars look amazing and are so fancy but there are no reviews on how they run. I love going back a few years and reading what cars are the best for that year. You can learn a lot by reading that 100 people had the same break problem on their 2015 truck. Coincidence? I think not!

6.The value of the car is more stable. When you drive your new car off a lot the value of the car takes a face plant. Ouch! With used cars, they stay about the same for a couple of years.

Cons of Buying a Used Car

1. They are more likely to break down. Things break! The older your car is the more likely you will have problems with it. It is a sad part of life.

2.You have to replace more parts on a used vehicle than a new one. Everyone knows that when you get to a certain mileage you will need to replace things like your transmission. Is it worth the cost of replacing parts like this if your vehicle is not worth a ton?

3.In the time you would have bought one car and you may go through 3 used cars. Growing up my parents would buy used cars to save money. In 10 years, I think we had gone through 3 or 4 cars. Does it save you money?

4. The older the car the fewer bells and whistles. Do you like heated seats? Do you like to push a button to roll down your window or do it manually? Do you like to have a camera that helps you back up? Sometimes these things are not available in used cars. 

5.You will never really know the history of your used car. Is your car a place where someone died? Did someone steal your car then sell it to you? Was the body of the car damaged and the old owners never told you? I guess you will never know...

6. The body of an older car is not as fashionable as an off-the-lot car. Some cars should never have been a thing! They can be UGLY!

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Written By: Sarah 

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