23 Nov
Pros of Black Friday Shopping
Cons of Black Friday Shopping
Fun tradition to have with friends and familyCrazy amounts of people
You can get some slick dealsBetter price but may not be the best quality 
Head start on Christmas shoppingEmployees may be forced to work Thanksgiving
Great way to support businesses near youIt is easy to impulse buy

As a child, I never went Black Friday shopping. The first Thanksgiving that I spent with my husband's family became my first Black Friday experience. Friday morning, the whole family headed over to the mall and shopped for a couple of hours. It was an experience to remember.

Pros of Black Friday Shopping

  1. It is a fun tradition to have with friends and family. My husband has fond memories of doing Black Friday as a child. They would all have a game plan and then divide and conquer. If you like shopping, why not make it a party?
  2. You will walk away with some pretty slick deals. Who doesn't like 75% sales? Who doesn't like paying less? So who doesn't like good Black Friday sales? 
  3. It gives you a jump start on Christmas shopping. I remember my aunt talking about doing a lot of Christmas shopping during the Black Friday sale. This sale is a great way to get loved ones the presents they want with more than enough time to spare before Christmas.
  4. Great way to support businesses near you. Many purchase are made online, and often stores get the brunt of this. This is a great way to support those businesses that provide work for hundreds of people. 

Cons of Black Friday Shopping

  1. The stores with a good deal have crazy amounts of people. I love people in small quantities. My husband and I walked into a store, and I felt like running back out. Swarms of people gathered around the merchandise. Is the sale worth the crowds?
  2. Maybe a better price, but not best quality.  You often get poor-quality merchandise when you pay less. 
  3. Many businesses have to force employees to work Thanksgiving to make Black Friday possible. I remember family members having to leave the Thanksgiving celebration to go to work. This scenario doesn't seem right. Thanksgiving should be a day for the family.
  4. It is easy to impulse buy. If you are an impulse buyer, Black Friday shopping is probably the worst place to be. Marketing schemes are out to get you and believe me, they are good! You may end up spending more than you ever wanted to during the Black Friday sales.

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Written By: Kristen 

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