29 Mar
Pros of Succulents and Other House Plants
Cons of Succulents and Other House Plants
Succulents and cactuses do not outgrow their containers.It can be hard not to over water
It can become like a petNot super kid friendly
Don't need much waterTake space
It can make it hard to travel Cactuses are sharp
Can be grown in some many different waysCan be decorative 

My brother-in-law has tons and tons of plants in his home. One ay he sent me home with five little succulents. I could not contain my excitement as I planted them and set them around my house. A lot of people love planting and watching things grow. Succulents have so many pros to them. For the past two years, I have collected 20 or 25 different house plants. It is fun to see them grow, but there are some cons to having so many plants. Here are the pros and cons of houseplants.

Pros of Succulents and Other House Plants

  1. Everyone enjoys making something stay alive. You can leave a succulent without water for weeks, and they will still be fine.
  2. Succulents can bring so much life to your world. I love looking at the succulents on my kitchen windowsill as I do dishes. It brings me a lot of joy to see them grow and slowly change throughout the year!
  3. Succulents and cactuses do not outgrow their containers. You have control over how big or small your plants will be. It does not have to be a giant plant that takes over your front room!
  4. Succulents are like a pet. Your house plants are like little friends. The best part is you do not have to poop scoop after them.
  5. If you travel a lot, succulents are the perfect plant. I worked for a lady that traveled every other week. She would have been the best person to keep succulents in her home.
  6. House plants are one way to clean your air. It takes a lot of leaves to do it, but one plant makes a difference. At least, that is what I like to tell myself.
  7. Succulents can be grown in so many different ways. Do you want a beautiful picture frame full of succulents? You can do it! Do you want a magnet that is full of succulents? You can do it! In other words, succulents are pretty easy-going plants.

Cons of Succulents and Other House Plant

  1. It is hard not to overwater house plants! If you are like me and want to water plants every day. Keeping succulents alive is near impossible!
  2. House plants are not super kid-friendly. I cannot count the times my plants have been dumped on the floor. I do not know how my little cactuses and succulents have survived our kid's little fingers.
  3. It is hard to have enough room for your plats. If you are like me, I have 20 succulents and not enough places to put them. It can turn into a real problem. I have to start referring to Pinterest for ideas on how to display my plants better.
  4. Cactuses are sharp! You might be saying, "Well that is obvious." A two-year-old does not know that! Baby proofing is one thing. Babyproofing plants is a whole other ball game.
  5. Colorful succulents can be deceiving. Have you seen the beautiful sky blue or bright red succulents at a store? Note to self they are spray-painted. This was a big disappointment to my husband and me. So some succulents are not as beautiful as they may seem.

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Written By: Sarah 

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