15 Jan
Pros of Living Near WaterCons of Living Near Water
Breathtaking viewsMosquitos 
Water activitiesHard to develop 
Makes the surroundings greenerFlooding can occur
Helps to moderate the climate Dangerous 

My husband and I love water! Whenever we would see a home that had water nearby, we would dream about buying it. We decided to take a year between schools. During the break, we found a house, in the country, on the edge of a river that we quickly fell in love with, but we also discovered that there were a few more cons than we had previously thought.

Pros of Living Near Water

  1. Breathtaking views all of the time! C'mon, just look at the picture below that is right out our front door!!!
  2. You can easily enjoy water activities. We just saw several guys ride by on jet skis in the river. We have also enjoyed kayaking in the same river (pics included).
  3. Pretty sounding. Ahhh, who doesn't like the sound of water flowing? 
  4. Makes things greener. When in a drought, having some extra water nearby for plants helps tremendously!
  5. Helps to moderate the climate. Part of what makes water so miraculous is its ability to retain heat. What this means to you have cooler summers and warmer winters. 

Cons of Living Near Water

  1. Dangerous, especially for little kids that may wander out unsupervised. Tragedy can strike at any moment, and unfortunately, it happens more than it should with water.
  2. Mosquitos and other pests are worse near water. The mosquitos are so bad where we live they have to spray twice a week to try and control them, (Thank you, pest control specialists!) 
  3. It can restrict the use of land on your property. If you have an ambitious landscaping project. You well better make sure the water on your property agrees. If you know what I mean...
  4. Flooding can occur and cause damage. Do you know someone who has ever had their basement flood? Just pray that it never happens to you it's a mess.
  5. Some bodies of water are very odiferous. It may look pretty, but some bodies of water stink worse than your big uncle Jim in the middle of your traditional backyard summer BBQ

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Written By: Sarah 

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