29 Sep
Pros of Living in an Upstairs Apartment
Cons of Living in an Upstairs Apartment 
Not as many bugsHotter in the summer
Less likely to get rodents More stairs to climb 
Stays warmer in the winter Harder to move out and in 
It is quieterNot as toddler friendly 
Less likely to floodHarder to exercise indoor
More natural lightNot wheelchair friendly 

I have lived in nine different rental units after high school. Six of my apartments were upstairs apartments. Yes, I can consider myself an expert! Relying heavily upon my experience of upstairs apartments, I create my list.

Pros of Living in an Upstairs Apartment: What are the benefits of living in an upstairs apartment?

  1. There aren't as many bugs. There is something worse than finding a bug in your apartment; finding half a bug near a curious toddler. This nightmare happened to my sweet sister-in-law living in a downstairs apartment. When living far above the ground, there are notably fewer bugs. 
  2. Upstairs apartments are less likely to get rodents paying a visit. I had just retired to bed in a small basement unit when my roommate began to shriek. A mouse had escaped the cold in our home. 
  3. It stays warmer in the winter. During a large chunk of my college career, I was in a downstairs basement of a home. My upstairs neighbors were out of town during Christmas break, so they gave us access to the upstairs and the thermostat. On a cold night, we went upstairs to adjust the temperature and found that the upstairs was far warmer than the downstairs. Heat rises, a sad fact to those living downstairs.
  4. It is quieter. While living in an apartment you will be aware at some time or other of your neighbor. However, tenants that live on the top floor don't hear their neighbors walking around or objects that are dropped.
  5. Less likely to flood. Basements flood all of the time, especially in an area with a lot of precipitation. This situation happened in two of the basement apartments I lived. 
  6. More Natural Light. I love how much sun streams into my upstairs apartment. None of my downstairs apartments allowed in so much light. 

Cons of Living in an Upstairs Apartment: What are the downsides living in an upstairs apartment?

  1. It is hotter in the summer. Our apartment has a small window unit that cools about 7 feet in front of it. My first summer here, my husband and I would often drench our clothes in water before bed to help with the heat. Upstairs apartments are just hotter. 
  2. There are a lot more stairs to climb. I don't mind stairs unless I am, carrying groceries in one trip, holding a child, bringing in furniture, encountering black ice, or being 39 weeks pregnant. Other than that, I don't mind stairs.
  3. Harder to move out and in. Stairs make moving in and out a lot more exhausting. No one likes bringing a washer, dryer, and treadmill up so many steps. 
  4. Not as toddler-friendly. Toddlers are curious-wobbly humans. Wobbly independent humans don't do well on ten plus stairs of cement. Nor do curious humans do well by open widows one story above ground. 
  5. Harder to exercise indoors. There are so many times I wish my treadmill could be in a basement; the whole floor shakes whenever I run. I watch until my downstairs neighbor leaves for work so I can get on. I get frustrated the weeks he doesn't work. 
  6. Upstairs apartments make it harder for some visitors to visit. I never realized these 12 steps leading to my front door make it harder for some friends to call. If you have friends that have hard times climbing stairs, maybe you should reconsider moving into an upstairs apartment.
  7. Windows are harder to clean. Unless you have access to a ladder, your windows may never get cleaned. Our windows probably haven't been cleaned in years, maybe decades. 

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Written By: Kristen 

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