23 Oct
Pros of Living in a College Town
Cons of Living in a College Town
A lot of activities to attendTraffic can be insane during the school year
Easier to run errandsFriends are always leaving
Student discounts at many businessesParking tickets come in excess
Town stays upkeptIt can be loud 
Always new people to meetThere are so many young adults
Many opportunities for flexible jobsYour college town will keep growing
Great place to own rental propertiesYou will get asked the same questions over and over again
Have access to educationYou will help so many people move out
Easy for students to receive  college credit in high schoolThere are a lot of under paid jobs

While finishing up our diplomas, my husband got offered a job that was ten minutes from campus. Now that we are both graduated, I have gotten to experience the college town as a resident. It is fun to be on both sides of the equation.

Pros of Living in a College Town

  1. There are a lot of activities to attend. In a college town, there is always something going on campus. You can count on a sporting event, a concert, or a new exhibit to do on an almost any free  evening off.
  2. Running errands is more convenient in college towns. Many college students don't have cars. This fact leads to businesses swarming around campus. You can go to a Walmart, get gas, go to a bank, and grab a bite to eat, all within a small radius.
  3. Businesses usually offer discounts for fans and students. Who doesn't like coupons and free stuff? Due to the high number of students, the community gives out coupon books to bring in customers. 
  4. Less likely to turn into the slums. Due to the circulation of students, the town keeps renovating and remodeling. The more students they can convince to come, the more business within the city. 
  5. There are always new people to meet. A college town is anything but stagnant. It you want you could meet a new person every day. 
  6. College town have great flexible jobs. Growing up in a small town it could be hard to find a flexible job for teenagers, mom's , or people who wanted a second job. In a college town employers are used to working with people's schedules. 
  7. College towns are a great place for rental properties.  Other then in summer, landlords can easily fill their contracts.
  8. It is a great place for learning. Even if you aren't a student, the college will often have learning resources that are open to the public. 
  9.  Allows high school students to get a lot more college credit.  The college is a big help when it comes to getting college credit in high school for lower costs. 

Cons of Living in a College Town

  1. Traffic is insane throughout the school year. I dread when the students come back in the fall. The roads become jammed, and irresponsible drivers weave in and out of traffic at insane speeds. It is not fun! We have had two of our cars hit within a year of living here.
  2. High turnover on friends. I have made many friends that move away after graduation. A college town can't support many of its graduates, so they are forced to search elsewhere.
  3. Parking tickets come in excess. Parking is insane! It is hard to find a spot, and the campus police show no mercy when giving parking tickets. A friend of mine got a ticket for parking outside snow-covered lines. The snow had melted while he was in class, and he received a parking ticket. I am telling you, they show no mercy! 
  4. It can be loud. College life can be loud. You may hear cars revving their engines at all hours, as a driver tries to impress the world. You may have neighbor that hold parties until early morning.  There can be so much noise. 
  5. If you can't stand young adults, brace yourself. If you don't like seeing a million and one couples everywhere you look...you may hate college towns. If you don't like protests about controversial political events...you may hate college towns. If you don't care to associate with a lot of young adults...you probably won't like college towns. 
  6. College towns usually keep growing.  College towns are great places for business to grow.  Businesses can snag new graduates and many graduates themselves will start businesses. within the town.  This creates more job, which equals more people, which creates more business. For a small town girl this can be hard as I see old house torn down for apartments, and fields leveled for shopping centers.
  7. You will get asked the same questions so many times.  Where are you from? What brings you here? What are you studying? And then if you are graduated the conversation may go like this. Are you a student? Oh, you graduated! What did you graduate in? Did you come here for school? I know I have answered these questions SO MANY TIMES!
  8. You will help so many people move out. It is good to help people move. Just know that you will probably help people move 3 times as much as you would in another city.
  9. There are many under paying jobs for those without college degrees. There are many college students that just need work, close to campus that they will take anything. I have been shocked at how little some of my friends have made working near or on campus. 

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Written By: Kristen 

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