05 May
Pros of Growing Plants from Seeds
Cons of Growing Plants from Seeds
Costs less moneyMore work
It is fulfillingMessy
Easy decorationNot baby and toddler proof
It is excitingNeed a place with sunlight
Gives you a piece of nature insideHard to leave for extended periods

This year, I decided to grow all of my garden from seeds. I planted tomatoes, green beans, and peppers in several cups and lined these along my window sill. I hope you find my list helpful as you plan your garden.

Pros of Growing Plants from Seeds

  1. It is exciting! I watched for nearly two weeks before the first plant broke through. I was ecstatic and pulled my husband over to the kitchen window to show him. If you are a plant lover like me, it is hard not to get excited. 
  2. It costs a lot less money. It will blow your mind how much money you save by planting seeds. At my local Walmart, a Beefsteak Tomato plant is $6.49.  To buy a packet of seeds will cost $2.46. This packet should yield AT LEAST  6 plants which would be $0.41/ plant. Then if you use the double cup planting method, you will spend an additional $0.14/ plant. You will use about 2 cups of potting soil which costs $0.33. This comes to a total of $0.88/ Beefsteak Tomato Plant. You will save around $5.61/Beefsteak Tomato Plant by planting seeds!
  3. Planting from seeds is fulfilling.  I don't know how to explain it, but it is so fulfilling to watch my plants grow. You have to try it to understand it. 
  4. Easy decorations. I lack in the department of decorating. I don't have an eye for displaying décor, don't have the space to store decorations, and don't want to spend tons of money purchasing decorations. Planting from seeds has solved all of these problems! These plants display beautifully, they don't need to be stored, and they are cost-effective. 
  5. Plants fill your home with a piece of nature. I love being outside and get so stir crazy indoors. My plants help, especially on the days I can't leave the house. 

Cons of Growing Plants from Seed

  1. Planting from seeds is more work. Planting from seeds takes more time than buying a plant from the store. 
  2. Plants can be messy. In the last several weeks, my plant have been knocked over, overfilled with water, and been a messy business. 
  3. Having plants in the house is hard to do with young children. Young children love to touch plants and dirt! The disasters are endless. My little girl may or may not have eaten dirt on more than one occasion. 
  4. The plants can be hard to leave for extended periods. I took a trip to my hometown for a few days, only to return to some drooping plants. 
  5. You need to have access to sunlight indoors.  If you live in a downstairs apartment, good luck trying to find the sunlight. 

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Written By: Sarah  

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