13 Jan
Pros of Getting and Keeping Your Life Organized
Cons of Getting and Keeping Your Life Organized
Your life will be more productiveTakes motivation
Having company is less stressfulIt is a lot of time upfront
Creates more time to do what you wantCan become an obsession 

I spent the month of December decluttering and cleaning my apartment that was beginning to feel unlivable. This cleaning episode kick-started me into a more organized life.  I use my planner more, budget better, do meal plans, and run errands more efficiently. Doesn't this sound like a dream? 

Pros of Getting and Keeping Your Life Organized

  1. An organized life is far more productive. My typical day was chaos before December. I was lucky to get showered by noon. I was overwhelmed, cleaning nonstop, feeling guilty( as important things were neglected), and was exhausted. As my life became tidier, I became more productive. Now, I exercise, get ready for the day, spend time with my daughter, get more work done, and feel less overwhelmed. 
  2. I feel comfortable having people over. Since being cleaner, I am better at asking people to come over. My focus is on those I am hosting rather than the messy ambient. 
  3. I have more time to do what I want. The to-do list was so massive that there was little to no time for the want-to-do list. Finally, my want-to-do list is being accomplished. 

Cons of Getting and Keeping Your Life Organized

  1. Staying organized takes a lot of motivation. To live an organized life, one has to be on top of things. I have chores I have to do each day to keep my life in order.  Believe me, there are days that I have no desire to vacuum, dust, mop, or take out the trash. 
  2. Getting your life organized takes a lot of time upfront. Becoming organized took me a whole month, and I only have a two-bedroom apartment. It felt like I was chipping away at an impossibility. 
  3. Organization can become an obsession. Do you know people that limit time with grandkids due to the mess children create? I do! Do you know people who clean what is already clean just so they can clean? I do! Living an organized life should help you use your time wisely, not use all of your time. 

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Written By: Kristen 

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