25 Dec
Pros of Decluttering
Cons of Decluttering
It is satisfyingIt is stressful
Makes a home more livableThing may get thrown out that you want later
I am more organizedIt makes a mess
Things I didn't use now have a good homeDecluttering takes a lot of time up front

It all happened when we were invited over for Sunday dinner. Our host's apartment was tidy, spotless, and devoid of clutter. Coming back home, I was determined I would declutter my apartment! Since that time, I have thrown away, donated, and given away boxes of stuff. From this experience, I create my list.

Pros of Decluttering

  1. It is so satisfying. On the first day of decluttering, I filled half a black garbage can, gave away a box, and had a huge box to donate to charity. It felt so good! 
  2. My home is more livable. My husband and I went through our clothes and found together got rid of so much! We now share one dresser between us. The dresser was just the beginning! I feel like I can breathe! 
  3. It has helped me clear my mind. As I decluttered, I felt my mind clear up. It is a strange feeling, one you have to experience to understand.
  4. I am more organized. As I went through stuff, I organized. Not only do I have less stuff, I know where what I have is!
  5. Things I didn't use now have a good home. Clothes my husband no longer used went to his brother. Baby clothes that were too small went to my sister who is expecting. Unused kitchen gear went to charity. Our stuff was finally getting used again!

Cons of Decluttering 

  1. It is stressful. I was running late for an appointment but wanted to get some unwanted things in the car. After dragging the box down the stairs, I picked it up to take to my car. It was then that the bottom of the box burst and the contents spilled onto the driveway. Broken glass littered the ground, and I wanted to cry. This experience is just one of the many stressful episodes of decluttering. 
  2. Things go that you may later regret. I regret one or two things that I gave away. 
  3. It makes a mess. To declutter, you have to pull everything out! It is messy! My living room looked like we were moving.
  4. Decluttering takes a lot of time upfront. Two weeks have elapsed, and I still have a few more areas to declutter! 

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Written by: Kristen 

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