08 Sep
Pros of Having Trees on Your Property 
Cons of Having Trees on Your Property 
Trees provide a lot of shadeTake work
If you choose to plant fruit trees, you get fresh fruitAre messy 
Great entertainment for kidsYou can end up with unwanted invasive trees 
Great windbreaks Tree roots are a pain 
Increase the value of the property Trees can create damage 
Shade sidewalks for passers-by Leaves are messy

While going through school, I worked for a company mowing lawns/ cleaning up leaves for 35+ hours a week. I spent hours cursing or praising landscaping and saw the pros and cons of landscaping with trees in residential and non-residential locations.

Pros of Having Trees on Your Property (Residential and Commercial Properties)

  1. Trees provide a lot of shade. Who doesn't love sitting under the shade, especially when it makes everything 10 degrees cooler?
  2. Fresh Fruit is a big bonus! Growing up, my Dad had over 30 trees in our yard many, of which were fruit trees. I loved walking outside and snacking on fresh peaches, plums, nectarines, and so much more.
  3. Trees provide a lot of entertainment for kids. I spent hours as a child sitting in our walnut tree living the childhood dream. Those memories are priceless, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. What child doesn't like jumping into a pile of leaves come fall.
  4. Trees provide windbreaks. If you live in a windy area, trees help hold the ground together. They are also an effective way to stop the wind.
  5. Many trees increase the value of the property . The more mature and well-landscaped trees are on your yard, the more value you will add to your home.
  6. Offer customers a parking spot with shade. We all know that in the heat of the summer, the parking spots that are first to go are those that keep the car cooler.:)
  7. Shades sidewalks for passers-by. I love when trees go over the sidewalk, especially in college towns where more people are walking to and from stores.

Cons of Having Trees on Your Property (Residential and Commercial Properties)

  1. Trees take work. People forget that trees take a lot of work. They need water, leaves raked, and they SHOULD be pruned. I want to get on my soapbox for just a second...if you are paying for lawn care, make sure the lower branches of your trees are pruned. This will save the limbs from getting caught and broken by mowers. And will make it so, the lawn care worker doesn't hit their head ( I had a lot of headaches).
  2. Trees can be messy. Especially if you have fruit trees, your yard can become a mess if you just let the fruit drop and decompose on the ground.
  3. You can end up with unwanted trees. If you have invasive trees, you can expect suckers and tiny trees throughout your yard. 
  4. Tree roots are horrible! If you have old trees, you sometimes get roots that stick up out of the ground. These make your yard less enjoyable, bumpy and destroy lawn mower blades (I have hit too many in my time.)
  5. Trees can create so much damage. In the three seasons I worked for the lawn care company, two storms blew over massive trees. I saw a lot of damage in the aftermath.
  6. Leaves are messy! All of the cons for residential apply here, but I want to add something business owners seem to forget. LEAVES ARE A NIGHTMARE ON CONCRETE. First, you have to pay for leaf clean-up or do it yourself. Then you will find it is close to impossible to get all the leaves off the concrete due to wind, rain, and parked cars. Therefore you will have decomposing leaves in gutters and all over your parking lot.

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Written By: Kristen 

More information  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.homesandgardens.com/amp/news/trees-that-increase-property-value

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