20 Sep
Pros of Trick-or-Treat
Pros of Trunk-or- Treat
It is the traditional wayParents can be more involved 
You get to see the decorations on the housesYou can see everyone who is there
You can stay home and treat yourselfYou get a lot of candy with little effort
There are unlimited houses It is usually over by 8:30 or 9:00
Cons of Trick-or-Treat
Cons of Trunk-or-Treat
You have to walk a lot for candyYou are limited to the cars that choose to participate 
It can be sketchy You may have a really small turn out

I Halloween is full of fun! I love pumpkins, bright costumes, and candy. Nothing can go wrong with that combination. I want my kids to love Halloween just as much! With this thought what, are the pros and cons of trunk-or-treat vs. trick-or-treat?

Pros of Trick-or-Treat

  1. Trick-or-treat is the old-fashioned way. If you watch any Halloween movie, they will never be trunk-or-treating. The traditional way; is door to door.
  2. Trick-or-treat you, get to see all of the decorations on the houses. I loved walking from house to house, looking at the different pumpkins and ghosts.
  3. As a parent, you can stay home and watch a movie while you have trick-or-treaters come to your home. It is nice because you can put a bowl of candy on the doorstep, so you don't have to do anything.
  4. Trick-or-treat has unlimited homes you can hit. Sometimes my friends and I would be out trick-or-treating from 4:30-10 pm. We would come home with bags of candy!

Pros of Trunk-or-Treat

  1. Trunk-or-treat parents are more involved. As a parent, I love decorating our trunk and getting the kids excited! Again I love Halloween so being a part of it is a lot of fun! 
  2. Trunk-or-treat you, know or can see everyone that is there. If you know everyone and can keep an eye on your kids, it is a big bonus. 
  3. Trunk-or-treat kids can get a lot of candy with little effort. If you want to make it twice around the trunks, you might walk 1/8 of a mile. 
  4. It is a lot of fun to decorate your trunk for the trunk-or-treat. We love matching our kid's costumes with our trunk.
  5. Most of the time, trunk-or-treat is over by 8:30 or 9.  It is a big pro because you still have time to go home and do something with your family after.

Cons of Trick-or-Treat

  1. Trick-or-treat you, have to walk for hours to get a ton of candy. Sometimes it felt so worth it! Sometimes I wanted to cry as my feet hurt so much from walking so far. Either way, you do earn each piece of candy!
  2. Trick-or-treat you, most likely won't know anyone that lives outside your block area. When I was a teenager, I went to 4 houses of people I knew out of the 400 houses we would try and hit. Probably not the best life choice!
  3. Creepers seem to be more prevalent on Halloween, and you are less likely to run into them unless you knock on their door. A day someone can dress up and disguise themselves to be anything. Don't forget the creepy masks!

Cons of Trunk-or-Treat 

  1. Trunk-or-treat limits you! Think of the millions of pounds of candy you could have had.
  2. It could have a really small turn out! You just picked the Trunk-or-Treat with three cars!

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Written By: Sarah 

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