16 Jun
Pros of Having a Real Christmas Tree
Cons of Having a Real Christmas Tree
Pine trees smell AMAZINGIt makes a mess
It is a fun Christmas tradition to shop for a perfect pine treeIt is more expensive in the long run
You don't have to store itIt can be a hassle 

Throughout my childhood, we would purchase a real pine tree in the first part of every December. My experience with artificial trees was limited until my college roommates inherited one. Which has led me to wonder what are the pros and cons of having a real Christmas tree.

Pros of Having a Real Christmas Tree

  1. Pine trees smell AMAZING! The scent of pine is one of my favorite aromas during the Christmas season. Smells are a great way to bring back memories, and pine trees bring back many memories of years past.
  2. Shopping for the perfect pine tree is a fun Christmas tradition. I remember walking down aisles of Christmas trees, trying to find the perfect one. When I was younger, the perfect one was the biggest. One year my older sister convinced me that a Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree was the way to go (sadly, we never found one like that to purchase).
  3. You don’t have to store it. I hate to store things, and artificial Christmas trees take up space. With a real pine tree, this isn’t a problem. Once the season is over, it can be donated, taken to eco waste, or used as bonfire wood. 

Cons of Having a Real Christmas Tree

  1. It makes a mess. Pine needles are endless. I remember sweeping up piles of pine needles that fell on the wood floor. It is also good to note that there may be a bit of pine sap that will appear in your pet’s fur, your child’s hair, and your carpet.
  2. It is more expensive in the long run. Over years of purchasing trees, it will add up. Throughout my childhood, my parents probably paid over $600 for our Christmas tradition. 
  3. It can be a hassle. Getting a real Christmas tree requires effort. You have to go to a busy store in a busy season and then transport a messy pine tree home. After bringing it home, you have to water a spikey Pine tree that stabs you with its needles. This may only be the beginning of your troubles. I remember pine trees tipping over and leaving water and pine needles all over the floor (did I mention that they have a lot of pine needles).

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Written By: Sarah 

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