04 Apr
Pros of an Egg Dying Kit
Cons of an Egg Dying Kit
It is simpleYou have to buy it
Comes with a handy egg scooper The colors in the box are the colors you have
Not as strong of a vinegar smellStickers may not stick
Older children can easily dye eggs by themselvesThere isn't always enough paint to go around
Pros of DIY Easter Eggs
Cons of DIY Easter Eggs
You get to create it how you want itIt is messy
You get to choose the colorsYour egg may crack when boiled
If you use plants to dye your eggs, you can have a lot of fun dying the plantsIt can be hard to get the food coloring right
Great time to pull out your old crayonsWithout the nifty tool to remove the egg, getting the egg from the dye is hard

Growing up, my siblings and I raised chickens. Around Easter, we would sometimes dye up to 72 or more eggs. It is one of my favorite memories as we all gather together to color our eggs with crayons or wrap eggs in different leaves and flowers that we collected in our yard.

When I started dating my husband, he invited me to dye one single egg with a box egg coloring kit. At first, it was surprising and almost made me laugh to have one shot, to make the best egg. After using the box die a couple of times, I now know the pros and cons of using box egg dye versus DIY egg coloring options.

Pros of an Egg Dying Kit

  1. It is as simple as 1,2,3. Get out a container, fill it with water and drop a colored tablet into the water. Now you have the perfect colors with little prep.
  2. Egg dying kits usually come with paints and stickers that make your eggs colorful and exciting. The dreamy Easter egg can be achieved; by following the box instructions.
  3. Easter dying kits also come with an egg scooper. One of the messiest parts of dying eggs is getting the egg out of the dye without splashing. The little wire perfectly scoops the egg with little mess.
  4. There is not an extremely strong smell of vinegar when using a boxing dye. When making your dye, vinegar tends to smell up the whole kitchen. Not that I hate vinegar, but a little goes a long way.
  5. Older children can easily dye eggs by themselves. Yes, adult supervision is always a good idea, but it is not impossible to do this with very little supervision. (This does not include boiling the eggs)

Pros of DIY Easter Eggs

  1. If you enjoy creating unique crafts DIY eggs are for you. Just take a moment and look up all of the mind-blowing decorating techniques on Pinterest. I thought my parents had taught us some cool ones. There are a million ways to make your egg turn out just how you want it.
  2. You are in control of what color of dye you make. Lime green, dark green, grass green. You are in charge! It is fun deciding what shades and how much food coloring to put in left out of your day. One of my favorite memories of coloring eggs is mixing all the different cups into one big glass. The last day would always get died in this color. It was a lot of fun.
  3. If you decide to dye your Easter egg with natural dye, it is fun to collect the different colors. I remember going out with my sister and trying to find all the flowers and plants to try and make the prettiest flower and leaf combination with all kinds of colors. It is surprising what kinds of things can turn your egg into a rainbow of colors. For example, red onion skins are the best purple-red!
  4. It is the perfect time to pull out all of your old crayons! Broken crayons are perfect to use up on a hot egg. After boiling all of the eggs, it is fun to let the wax of the crayon slide across the warm egg.

Cons of an Egg Dying Kit

  1. You have to buy it. Most people have a little bit of food coloring, vinegar, and water. Will you go to the store and buy an Easter egg kit when you have all the stuff at home?
  2. The colors in the box are the colors you have. You could put two different color tablets in the same cup to dye. But still, there is not a lot of variety.
  3. Maybe the packages I have used of egg dying stickers were old. But the stickers did not stick to the eggs no matter what I tried.
  4. There is only so much paint in a box of egg dye. While dying Easter eggs with my two kids and nephew. They quickly ran out of paint after doing two eggs each. Maybe it is just me, but that is just not enough.

Cons of DIY Easter Eggs

  1. It is so messy! I feel like dye was everywhere after coloring all of our eggs. Many of my mom's white dishcloths died four years after the fact. I am sure I can find some in her kitchen still. Good memories!
  2. Collecting plants to dye your egg is time-consuming and has a time limit. You have to use the plants before they dry out too much. It is easier when the plant keeps its form and vibrant colors.
  3. If an egg cracks while boiling and then dyed, it will taste like vinegar. I do not mind pickled eggs, but I am not picky. I know most people would not appreciate a vinegar-flavored egg for breakfast.
  4. Sometimes the food coloring shows up too much or too little. How many drops of food coloring make the perfect color? You will have to use trial and error to determine that.
  5. Unless you have a nifty tool to remove your egg from the dye plan, on colored fingers or splash marks everywhere from messy eggs. It would not be Easter without it... I guess.

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Written by: Sarah

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