22 Nov
Pros of Buying a Whole Turkey
Cons of Buying a Whole Turkey 
You can pick what type of meat you like bestIt is a lot more prep
You can have as many turkey sandwiches as you wantYou will have leftovers for days 
The aroma sets the mood for the seasonYou have to pull the turkey apart
You get to break the wishboneYou need to find the space to pack it into your freezer

My dad cooks the best Turkey known to man. The process would start the night before Thanksgiving. I would see my dad place a massive turkey in a magnalite pot and smother it in seasonings. That bird cooked for 12 plus hours on low heat, and it was delicious! It was moist, heavenly, and perfect. Since my childhood, I have been surprised that cooking a whole turkey isn't always how families do it. Often families purchase a small turkey breast or pre-cooked turkey for the Thanksgiving feast.

Pros of Buying a Whole Turkey 

  1. You get to pick what type of meat you like best. Dark meat is my favorite! Sadly this option isn't always given when one doesn't purchase a whole turkey.
  2. You can have as many turkey sandwiches as you want. I love a good turkey sandwich! I remember having a gallon size container of leftover turkey. Do you know how many sandwiches that can make???? Note: Don't feel like you have to eat it all at once, turkey freezes great.
  3. The aroma sets the mood for the season. It is heavenly to have a house full of the spell of cooked turkey. Now that smell is a smell worth remembering.
  4. You get to break the wishbone.  I hope you have had the chance to participate in the wishbone tradition. I would have my eyes on the wishbone for days after Thanksgiving as it lay drying on the counter. Somehow I was sure that this bone had the power to make all my wishes come true. 

Cons of Buying a Whole Turkey 

  1. It is a lot more prep. Cooking a whole turkey takes time and planning. Friendly reminder: you can't cook it in an hour.
  2. You have leftovers for days. If you hate leftovers, this may not be the best route to take. Believe me when I say you may have turkey for days.
  3. You have to pull it apart. I remember getting roped into separating the meat from the bone. It can be a tedious process as one works with the steaming bird. I remember burning my fingers on several occasions.
  4. You need to find space to pack it in your freezer. A whole turkey takes up a lot of space in a freezer. Growing up, it was a tedious task to find room for turkey in an already overflowing freezer. It is important to note that his frozen bird is a bulky item.

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Written By: Kristen 

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