12 Oct
Pros of Teaching Kids to Believe in Santa
Cons of Teaching Kids to Believe in Santa 
Santa is a magical traditionKids can feel that their parents lied to them
Saint Nick teaches children the importance of givingTeaches it is okay for a old many to come into your house
You won't be labeled as a lame parentCan cause questions, like," Is Jesus real. 
Santa creates lifelong memoiresHigh focus on getting
It is fun as a parentEasier to forget the true meaning of Christmas
Cultivates imaginationShows inequality 
Helps kids be kind for a whole monthIt can be scary 

Growing up there, was no question in my mind that I would have Santa Claus be a part of our kids' lives. Of course, I wanted them to have a magical day! As I have gotten older, I have had other thoughts about Santa Claus and how it might be overdone. Here are some of the pros and cons of having Santa be a part of Christmas.

Pros of Teaching Kids to Believe in Santa: What are the benefits of children believing in Santa Clause?

  1. Santa is a magical tradition. The magic of Christmas time is tangible. Santa seems to create the magic with his miracles journey around the world on flying reindeer. 
  2. Saint Nick teaches children the importance of giving. Saint Nicholas was an incredible saint that moved the people he served by his kindness. Through his example we can teach our children the importance of giving to those who are less fortunate. 
  3. Having Santa Claus be a part of your Christmas will not label you as a lame parent." Are you Scrooge? "
  4. Santa creates lifelong memories. Leaving cookies out for Santa, waiting in bed to hear the reindeer on your roof, the magical gifts left behind. How could Santa be a bad thing?
  5. It is fun as a parent. Do you like to surprise your kids? Are you the parent that climbs on the roof and makes prints in the snow to prove Santa is real? It is a ton of fun to surprise and build up Christmas day with Santa Clause!
  6. It helps cultivate imagination. Kids love playing pretend. Who doesn't want to pretend to be Santa's elves?
  7. Make your kids kind for a whole month. Santa is ALWAYS watching you! "He sees you when your sleeping. He knows when your awake. He knows if you've been bad or good..."You better be careful. 

Cons of Teaching your Kids about Santa: Why shouldn't I teach my kids about Santa?

  1. Kids may feel that their parents lied to them. We tell children not to lie, yet we make exceptions for ourselves. As a kid it is hard not to think, "what else are my parents not telling the truth about".
  2. A creepy man is okay to come into your house. So it is okay to tell kids that if someone brings you gifts, they are fine to walk into your home at night?
  3. Is Jesus real? If Santa, tooth fairy, and Easter bunny don't exist who, else doesn't? I don't want fantasy getting mixed up with reality. 
  4. By focusing on Santa, are you focusing on getting? Kids are very entitled. Always finding out what a child wants teaches selfishness. My mom tried to correct this by not having us right a letter to Santa with a list of demands. Children are being gifted by  Santa not his task master. 
  5. Forgetting the true meaning of Christmas can change your holiday for the worse. Looking for Christ at Christmas can bring a lot of lasting peace. He is the giver of the best gift.  Only focusing on Santa can lead to crazy rushing around and cause us to loose site of Christ.  
  6. Believing in Santa can be scary! I remember laying in bed and crying because I thought if I went and got some water. Santa would take away all of my gifts.
  7. Show inequality. I remember being mortified as a young teenage girl, as I sat in a classroom and every student answered what they got for Christmas. I felt like every peer mentioned and a new computer or smartphone. Frantically I tried to think of the biggest gift I had received. I thought of the new clothes and books I had gratefully received from the local thrift store and felt ashamed. Luckily at this point I knew my gifts didn't come from Santa but from my hardworking parents. Had I thought my gifts had come from Santa I would have felt that maybe Santa didn't think I was as special.  

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Written By: Sarah 

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