25 Oct
Pros of Going to a Pumpkin  Patch
Cons of Going to a Pumpkin Patch
It is a fun family activity It can be muddy
All the pumpkins are so differentIt can get your car dirty  
It gets you outsidePeople aren't as good at social distancing
Most of the time they are cheaperCutting your own pumpkin off the vine can be a pain 
Pros of Getting a Pumpkin from a Store 
Cons of Getting a Pumpkin from a Store
It is more convenient
It is a struggle to get the pumpkins at the bottom of the box
Most of them are a picture perfect pumpkins
You have to pick them up a ton 
You don't need to be out in the weather It is hard to fit groceries along side  pumpkins in a shopping cart
You can buy painting and carving kits while at the storeThe grocery store isn't as fun

I love the fall! Most people I talk to say it is their favorite time of the year. This evening after we finished dinner we, decided to look up a pumpkin patch to take our family to. To my excitement, there was a cute little place that we could pick pumpkins only 8 minutes away! Have you ever wondered if picking out a grocery store pumpkin is different than a pumpkin patch pumpkin? Here are some pros and cons for you.

Pros of Going to a Pumpkin Patch

  1. They are full of family fun! Some pumpkin patches are more humble than others, but they all provide a lot of memories! Tonight's pumpkin patch had a maze made from haystacks, a corn pit for the kids, and cute places to take fall pictures. It was a fun family memory!
  2. All of the pumpkins are so different! Do you like unique? Big, small, misshapen, green, orange, and white. You don't have to be stuck with a typical pumpkin to carve.
  3. It gets you outside. Sometimes life creeps in, and you forget to take a minute to enjoy what God has given us. Being outside can lift anyone's spirit!
  4. Most of the time they are cheaper. Most local farms will charge you less than a large grocery store.
  5. Often you can buy other fall décor at a pumpkin patch. Do you like corn stocks and decorative gourds? Your local pumpkin patch probably has them for sale! 

(Pumpkin Patch corn maze fun) 

Pros of Getting a Pumpkin from the Store

  1. It is convenient. Sometimes all we have time for is easy things. On your way for the weekly grocery trip? Perfect, pick up the family pumpkins at the same time.  
  2. Most of them are picture-perfect pumpkins. When you want a pumpkin to stand upright on a flat surface, the grocery store pumpkins might be the place for you.
  3. You don't have to be out in the weather. This evening was rainy and cold, so it might have been nice to stay dry and warm. 
  4. You can buy paint and carving kits while at a store. One less stop! YAY! Some pumpkin patches may have carving kits and paint, but I have never seen them. 

Cons of going to a Pumpkin Patch 

  1. It can be muddy! It is fall, and that means more rain and snow. With that being said, our two-year-old was so excited he ended up slipping face-first in a mud puddle. Wet and cold but still happy!
  2. It can get your car dirty. Going along with the mud theme. Most pumpkin patches don't have clean places to park. You have to be okay with a dirty car.  
  3. People aren't as good at social distancing. If you are reading this and it is still COVID, you will know what I am talking about. It is outside, but if being around people makes you feel uncomfortable, this might not be the place for you. 
  4. Cutting your own pumpkin can be a pain. Again all pumpkin patches are different. But if you have to cut the pumpkin from the vine, it can hurt your hands.

Cons of Going to the Store for a pumpkin

  1. It is a struggle to get the pumpkins at the bottom of the box. Do you see the award-winning pumpkin...underneath 7 other pumpkins? Good luck!
  2. You have to lift them a ton! Lift your pumpkin out of a deep box, onto the cashers belt, off the check stand, into your deep cart, into your car, and finally, take it home. Most pumpkin patches you lift into your wagon and then to your car. No back pain for you!
  3. Try fitting all of your groceries into a cart with 5 pumpkins. Where to put the milk? It is a good question we all would be asking ourselves.
  4. The grocery store isn't as fun! Yes, it will always be fun to go pick out pumpkins. You are still missing out on all the pumpkin patch has to offer. It is totally your choice!

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Written By: Sarah 

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