21 Sep
Pros of Painting your Pumpkin
Cons of Painting your Pumpkin
Painting pumpkins is like having a blank canvasYou can't put a candle in a pumpkin
Less likely to cut your fingersIt can be really messy with kids 
The pumpkins last longerYou can't roast the pumpkin seeds 
Pros of Carving your Pumpkin
Cons of Carving you Pumpkin
Fun traditionEasy to mess up
You can feel accomplishedIt is messy 
You get the opportunity to roast the pumpkin seedsSome people don't like the smell and slime  

Most families every year get to go pick out a pumpkin to bring home and decorate. The real question is how! Growing up, we took our permanent markers as my dad pulled out the big spoon and kitchen knives to recreate what we drew. I have fond memories of going on dates and carving pumpkins. And other outings of walking through a pumpkin walk to see the breathtaking art others carved. Then I got married, and it is the fad to paint pumpkins. As Halloween approaches, I thought this would be a fun pro and con question. What are the pros and cons of painting vs. carving your pumpkin?

Pros of Painting your Pumpkin

  1. Painting pumpkins is like having a blank canvas. You have no limits. The universe is your limit when it comes to what you can paint on a pumpkin. Sometimes it is fun to scroll on Pinterest to get your brain going.
  2. When painting pumpkins you, have a low risk of cutting your fingers off. Unless you are accident-prone, you will not be going to the ER because you cut your finger while painting.
  3.  If you don't cut into your pumpkins and you paint them, they last a lot longer. Painted pumpkins can last for months on a front porch! If you don't believe me, try it!

Pros of Carving Your Pumpkin

  1. Carving pumpkins is the traditional way of doing it, so it is fun to keep it alive. If you are big into history carving, pumpkins are for you!
  2. You feel super accomplished when you light your jack-o-lantern candle, and it looks just how you imagined it would when lit up. Sometimes going through layers of pumpkin flesh is tedious, and it feels like it will fail the whole time! Then you light the little fire in it, and the world seems to stand still.
  3. You can make roasted pumpkin seeds. I love this savory treat!

Cons of Painting Your Pumpkin

  1. You really can't put a candle in a painted pumpkin unless you cut a hole for the candle to go. A painted pumpkin will not be seen at night unless your porch light is on. And that doesn't seem very spooky!
  2. Painting pumpkins with kids can be super messy. To be honest, everything you do with kids will be everywhere.
  3. When painting a pumpkin, you don't have the seeds that you can roast. One of my favorite pumpkin carving traditions is pulling the seeds out of the pumpkin and toasting them. You can not go wrong with a dash of garlic salt and olive oil! 

Cons of Carving Your Pumpkin

  1. Carved pumpkins mold fast. Have you ever picked up a molding pumpkin, and the whole bottom falls out? It is a mix of fuzzy baby food and pure disgust!  
  2. One wrong cut with your knife, and you lose your whole pumpkin carving idea. Oops! I cut off Superman's cape wing!
  3. You are super dirty with dried-up pumpkin guts on you after carving. Plan for a shower after a night full of cleaning out pumpkins! 
  4. Some people hate the smell and sliminess of carving a pumpkin. So it is a win when you can paint a pumpkin.

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Written by: Sarah 

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