19 Jan
Pros of Making Sugar Cookies from Scratch
Cons of Making Sugar Cookies from Scratch
You can choose what shape you will cut outThey take more time
Cookies are fun to makeMaking sugar cookies = More mess
They are a lot cheaperMore ingredients needed on hand
They taste betterThey don't always turn out

Cookie decorating has always been a big part of Christmas for me. I remember cutting out cookies for hours, frosting them, and having warm cookies with a cold glass of milk. This year I had the opportunity to plan a cooking decorating activity for children at my church. At first, I planned to buy several dozen plain sugar cookies from a bakery, but I changed my mind after evaluating the pros and cons.

Pros of Making Sugar Cookies from Scratch

  1. You can choose what shape to cut out. The bakery I called offered 3-inch circle cookies. Well, I wanted Christmas cookies! I cut out 3-inch trees, Christmas stockings, and gingerbread men. They were so much cuter than circles. 
  2. Cookies are fun to make. If you love baking, sugar cookies are right up your alley!
  3. They are way cheaper. The bakery I called offered 3-inch cookies for 50 cents and 4-inch for 75 cents. I baked 56 cookies for about $2.52! It would have cost me $112 at the bakery.
  4. They taste so much better.  Nothing is better then a freshly baked cookie with some milk.  

Below is a chart of how I figured how much I spent based on Walmart prices using my sugar cookie recipe.

How much does it cost to make sugar cookies?

Quantity in Recipe
Cost of Ingredient
Sugar2 cups3.2¢/oz.45¢
Flour7 cups1.5¢/ oz.58.5¢
Butter1/2 cup$2.98/ 4 sticks74.5¢
vegetable oil1/2 cup6.1¢/oz.23¢
baking soda2 tsp.3.6¢/oz.1.2¢
baking powder4 tsp.14.2¢/oz.9.3¢
salt1/2 tsp.4.3¢/oz..65¢
Lemon Extract1 tsp.77¢/oz.11.6¢
Vanilla Extract2 tsp.12.5¢/oz.3.8¢


Cons of Making Sugar Cookies from Scratch

  1. They take a lot more time. Time is money. I spent about an hour and a half making, cutting, and cooking the sugar cookies. 
  2. They make a mess. I hate having a sink full of dishes! Sugar cookies alone can fill up a sink with measuring cups, mixing bowls, rolling pins, cookie cutters, and cookie sheets. 
  3. You have to have all the ingredients. It can be frustrating to gather all the ingredients. Sometimes, I have begun to make cookies, only to realize that I don't have butter, eggs, or vanilla. 
  4. You don't know if they will turn out exactly how you want them to. Making food for an event is stressful! It feels like food doesn't turn out exactly how I want it. This time making cookies, I overcooked a batch and made the cookies thicker then I should have. 

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Written By: Kristen 

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