31 Jan
Pros of Keeping Valentines Day Simple
Cons of Keeping Valentines Day Simple
A lot of thought has to go into making Valentine's Day small and meaningful You can be considered cheap
You can create meaningful traditions that don't break the bankSmall notes and gifts may not be considered thoughtful
Gifts aren't usually remembered, memories areYou maybe need to let your significant other that keeping it simple is your plan
Simplicity can strengthen your relationship Small gifts can look like you forgot

Some girls would die if not given diamonds, tons of chocolates, and a fancy night out. In all honesty, most girls are not like that. Speaking for most of the world: a small card and gift are more than enough. Being remembered in meaningful ways is more important than refinancing our home to pay for a diamond ring! What are some of the Pros and Cons of having a small Valentine's day?

Pros of Keeping Valentines Day Simple

  1. A lot of thought has to go into making Valentine's Day small and meaningful. Everyone can spend a lot of money without very much thought. The bigger does not mean the better!
  2. Meaningful traditions out way the money you spend on that day. I recently asked some girls what fun traditions their family had to celebrate. It was interesting to hear about their memories of thoughtful notes and cute treats.
  3. Rarely will someone remember a gift that was given and more the things that happened that day. Thinking back to the last two birthdays you have had, can you remember any of the gifts you were given? How about what you did to celebrate? Most of the time you, will remember what made that day special or terrible and not how much money; was spent.
  4. By making it simple, you are saving your relationship. It may be breathtaking the moment you present your loved one with a ginormous gift. Now think about two months down the road when your finances are unstable. An expensive present will not save you then!

Cons of Keeping Valentines Day Simple

  1. You may be considered cheap. If you are dating or married to someone that wants a large Valentine's day celebration, it may not be the time to make it small.
  2. Small notes may not be considered thoughtful. If you plan on doing something simple, you need to give more thought than signing your name on a card. That doesn't cut it. 
  3. If you want to shoot for a small gift, sometimes it is good to give your significant other a heads up. For example, a few weeks beforehand, say something like, "I was thinking about keeping Valentine's Day simple. What are your thoughts? This isn't bad unless you are all in for surprising your significant other. 
  4. Sometimes small gifts look as though you forgot about them until the last minute. Again communication is a safe way to go. It shows that you did think about them before the day of they aren't just a last-minute thought.

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Written by: Sarah

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