01 Dec
Pros of Giving Used Gifts
Cons of Giving Used Gifts
Second-Hand gifts are cheaperThe gift isn't new
Your money will spread furtherThe recipient may feel angry or let down
Teaches children the importance of being frugalIt may damage your pride
Leads to less wasteThe selection isn't always what you want
You are helping someone else outIt may not work as well

After setting our Christmas budget, I began to look around for a rocking horse for my little girl. The rocking horse I was interested in was $30 on Amazon. However, before adding it to my cart, I checked Facebook Marketplace. That is when I found a slightly used rocking horse for $5. What a find! This experience provided the opportunity to contemplate the pros and cons of buying used gifts. 

Pros of Giving Used Gifts

  1. Second- Hand Gifts are cheaper.  I saved at least $25 on the rocking horse! That is 83% off! Talk about a good deal. 
  2. If you are on a budget, your money will spread further. Our Christmas budget is X amount per person. Now I have much more left to spend on presents. Santa will be able to put more under the tree this year because he is shopping used. 
  3. It teaches children the importance of being frugal. Growing up, most of my Christmas presents came from a thrift shop. I learned the value of the dollar. I could get a new shirt for $15 or three used shirts for the same price. I am indebted to my parents for what they taught me. 
  4. It leads to less waste.  Now your second-hand gift will continue to be loved. 
  5. You are helping someone else out . The lady I bought the rocking horse from mentioned the proceeds would help pay for Christmas. This was something she needed. Also if you buy second-hand from a thrift shop, you may find those proceeds go to charities. 

Cons of Giving Used Gifts

  1. The gift isn't new. You may need to wash it, put batteries in it, and much more. Remember, it isn't going to be perfect. 
  2. The recipient might feel angry or let down. I have family that gave a second-hand gift to a friend. The friend was upset when she found out. 
  3. It may damage your pride. Are you mortified to gift a used item. 
  4. It won't be the current thing on the market.  Your gift may be a little out of date. You may not even be able to purchase it new.
  5. Your selection isn't always what you want. I had what I wanted in mind, but then I came across the deal. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I determined it was enough.
  6. It may not work as well. The owner of the rocking horse mentioned that it needed batteries changed (so it could play music). However, when I placed new batteries in the horse, I discovered that the music portion was broken. 

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Written By: Kristen  

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