09 Dec
Pros of DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Cons of DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters
You save a lot of moneyIt takes a lot of time
Creates memoriesIf you aren't careful, you may spend more than you want
It is a fun projectYou may need a sewing machine
You can use an old worn-out sweaterIt won't be perfect
Your sweater will be originalIt is just one more thing

This year my husband's family decided everyone needed to wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a family photo. I hurried to a local thrift store to purchase sweaters before they sold out. I was disgusted that second-hand, ugly sweaters were $15-$20 each! Well, that is when I decided to make my own. I purchased three sweaters for $18 and then worked my ugly Christmas magic with old clothing in my scrap bin and some fabric markers I had on hand. With this experience, I create my list of the pros and cons of DIY Christmas Sweaters. 

Pros of DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  1. You save a lot of money. For my family, I saved anywhere from $24 to $57 (if I bought it new). That is a good chunk of cash I would prefer to spend elsewhere. 
  2. Creates memories. You will forget about the bought sweater; however, the DIY sweater will become a Christmas memory. 
  3. It is a fun project. Are you always looking for a fun new project? Look no further. I loved planning and executing this project. 
  4. You can use an old worn-out sweater. Do you have a sweater that you dislike or that you have loved to death? This clothing is a perfect option for your ugly Christmas sweatshirt. 
  5. Your sweater will be original. No need to worry about matching  with cousin Sally at the family Christmas Party. 

Cons of DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  1. It takes a lot of time. With a season filled with so many to-dos, do you have the time to create your sweater? 
  2. If you aren't careful, you may spend more than you want. Do your want to buy new material to decorate? What about bells, bows, and more? This project can quickly add up to more then you would spend on a new Christmas sweater. 
  3. You may need a sewing machine. Although this isn't necessary,  it will save you hours of work.
  4. It won't be perfect, unless you are a seamstress. As you can clearly see from the pictures, my sweaters are far from perfect. So perfectionist beware. However, I think my imperfections add to the ugliness of the final product. 
  5. It is just one more thing. I found myself putting aside other tasks to complete these sweaters. If you are one to get overwhelmed around Christmas, save your family relations and spend a few extra dollars on your ugly sweaters. 

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