12 Nov
Pros of Making Hard Candy
Cons of Making Hard Candy
Creates a more memorable experienceIt is temperamental 
You can do any flavorMakes a mess
You shouldn't need to run to the storeNo guarantee it will turn out good

I love hard candy to snack on throughout the day. It is a great way to meet my sugar cravings while not consuming nearly as much sugar. Today I found myself longing for something to suck on as I held a screaming baby. Finally, after my baby decided to sleep, I slipped into the kitchen to whip together some sweets. This candy was going to turn my day brighter, or so I thought:)

Pros of Making Hard Candy

  1. It is more of a memorable experience. The making of candy immediately takes me down memory lane. I remember reaching above the fridge and pulling out a piece of blueberry hard candy. I remember trying to decide what flavor sounded best to add to the sugar water. If you want to build memories, making candy is a great way to do it.
  2. You can do any flavor. Candy at the store is limited to other people's imagination. I love the ability to look through the extracts and decide what flavor I will experiment with that day.
  3. You don't need to run to the store. Although some recipes are more elaborate, all you need to make hard candy is sugar, water, and flavoring. Hint: A candy thermometer is helpful but isn't necessary. 

Cons of Making Hard Candy

  1. It can be temperamental. As I boiled the sugar water today, I decided to multitask. The mixture  had 90 degrees more to go. I began some work on my computer, and before I knew it, my sugar water had burned. I ended up throwing it out; it is not the first time I have failed at this process.
  2. It makes a mess. Cleaning up hardened sugar is never fun. You can save this hassle by just going to the store and selecting a ready-made candy.
  3. You have no guarantee it will taste good. When purchasing my selection of candy, I know how the candy will taste. When making it at home, there is no guarantee I will like it. Who knows, it may end up tasting like burnt root-beer. 

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Written by: Kristen 

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