23 Dec
Pros of Repainting Furniture
Cons of Repainting Furniture
Modern look, for a low priceIt is a gamble
Super fulfillingIt takes time
The sky is the limitIt takes space 
Builds confidencePaint isn't a pleasant smell
Useful skill to haveYou are your worst critic

Do you have wood furniture that is out of date? I did! I decided to get out of my comfort zone and paint! The brown dresser turned into a blue and white dresser, and the bright blue TV stand was painted grey and white. I had never done anything to this extent before! There were many pros and cons I discovered along the way.

Pros of Repainting Furniture

  1. Modern look, for a low price. The cheapest wood dresser at Walmart is $110, and it is tiny! I purchased my large dresser a few years ago at a thrift shop for around $25. Recently, I spent $8 to give it an updated look. I scored when it came to pinching pennies! 
  2. It is super fulfilling. I love being able to create! Creativity (that turns out successful) feels like a grand accomplishment!
  3. I get to choose what I want! I could have painted it hot pink with red hearts! The sky is the limit on what paint I could choose.
  4. It builds confidence. I was terrified to paint my dresser but decided to face my fears. This experience strengthened my self-confidence a lot!
  5. You learn a handy new skill. Painting is a skill that will be useful throughout your life!

Cons of Repainting Furniture 

  1. It is a gamble! You may spend oodles of time and money on something that won't turn out! Maybe that hot pink dresser with red hearts will make your eyes burn.
  2. Painting takes time. We all know that time is money, time is limited, and time is valuable! Is it worth your time?
  3. It takes space. I had to do these painting projects in my kitchen, and I felt claustrophobic! If you don't have the room, repainting can become stressful.
  4. Paint's odder is not fun to breathe in.  My house soon smelled of paint. I had to open a window in the middle of December to help with a forming headache. 
  5. You are your worst critic. When you put the time into the project, you notice all the mistakes! 

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Written by: Kristen 

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