19 Feb
Pros of Ordering a Custom Puzzle
Cons of Ordering a Custom Puzzle
It is something you can be proud of 
They can be hard to do 
You choose the difficulty of the puzzleSome of the qualities of the pictures is lost 
You choose how many pieces You can feel like you have to keep the puzzle forever
It is a cute giftYou have only a small picture to look at for reference 
Depending on the puzzle it can be similar pricing to other puzzles Finding the right place to print your puzzle can be frustrating and difficult

Do you love puzzles? My husband and I love sitting down and doing puzzles on Sunday evenings. We have gone through at least 20 puzzles throughout the time we have been married. One day my husband and I thought it would be fun to print a puzzle using one of our photos. We learned a lot of pros and cons from this experience.

Pros of Ordering a Custom Puzzle

  1. You can be proud of the puzzle that much more because you took the photo. It was a lot of fun to go out and take what we thought would be the best puzzle to create. A large mountain and waterfall with our family smiling. How could you go wrong?
  2. You can make it as hard or as easy as you want. If you take a picture of a white egg and make it into a puzzle, you can! Or you can make it easier by taking a picture with lots of colors and shapes. The sky is the limit of what you can create.
  3. You choose how big the puzzle is. Do you like to work on the same puzzle for a couple of evenings? Or do one quick one-hour puzzle? You can choose 1500 pieces or 28 pieces. So many choices!
  4. It can be a cute gift. I know my parents would love a puzzle of all my siblings and the grandkids. It makes it memorable, a simple gift that is used and loved.
  5. Some of the puzzles you can create by yourself are about the same price as a puzzle you pick out at the store. Why not get creative? You aren't going to lose anything!

Cons of Making a Custom Puzzle

  1. They can be "harder than hard" to do. We thought we had found the best landscape to make, a perfect puzzle. We were so excited to order it and start putting it together. To our dismay, it was terrible. There was not enough color variety, and it felt like 25 pieces could fit in one spot. On top of that, the photo was blurry as a 1000 piece puzzle. A fuzzy non-colorful mess that we never finished. Depressing!
  2. Some of the quality is lost when ordering your puzzle. I am sure you can buy an expensive photo puzzle and get a quality printing. Unfortunately, we did not do this. Instead, we ordered one that was a little cheaper. The pieces did not fit well together. I guess you live, and you learn.
  3. It seems like it took forever to get a picture printed and mailed to us. It was like Christmas when we got it. It depends on where you order it from, but if you want a gift by tomorrow, it probably will not happen.
  4. You may feel like you have to keep it forever. I don’t know about you, but I hate doing the same puzzle twice. With a puzzle made up of a family photo, it is hard to throw it away or give it to a friend. That is one more thing you feel like your store for the rest of your life. Is it worth it?
  5. It is hard not having a reference picture to go off. After opening the puzzle, it was frustrating that there was no large picture to work from. Instead, there was a 4 x 6 picture on the front of the box to re-create the 1000 piece puzzle. Good luck finding where anything goes.
  6. There is no name brand on puzzle printers. It is hard to find the best puzzle quality the first time. Make sure to do lots of research and find out which printer will create the best puzzle.

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Written by: Sarah 

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