25 Aug
Pros of Making Homemade Dolls
Cons of Making Homemade Dolls
It is a fun projectIt takes a lot of time
It is cheaperIt may not turn out how you envisioned it
You can customize itIt won't look life like
You can make hundreds of outfitsIt can easily become a project you never finish
It can mean a lot to the childSome people think they look creepy 
You can repair/remake the dollIt will look old fashioned 

Pros of Making Homemade Dolls

  1. It is a fun project. If you are always searching for a new project, look no further. I thoroughly enjoyed developing this new hobby. What makes this project fun is I can keep creating. 
  2. It is cheaper than getting a doll at the store.  Dolls are expensive, especially the ones that have more than one outfit. The doll I made cost me under $10. I found material at a thrift shop and used batting from an unwanted pillow. Her clothes are from pieces of old clothing and a pillowcase. It doesn't get much cheaper than this. 
  3. You can customize it to your liking. You get to choose the size of the doll, the color of the eyes, the length of the hair, etc. There is so much freedom!
  4. You can make hundreds of outfits. I loved dressing my dolls in different outfits. I plan to continue to make doll clothes. 
  5. It can mean a lot to the child for years to come.  My grandma made me a homemade doll for Christmas one year, and I still have that doll. This doll inspired me to make one for my daughter. 
  6. You can repair/remake the doll when it is "loved to death."  You made it, and you can fix it. 

Cons of Making Homemade Dolls

  1. It can take a lot of time. Do you have several hours at your disposal? Can you put aside time from your busy schedule to create?
  2. It may not turn out as you envisioned. I always think of perfection and end up with reality. This project can go wrong during so many steps that you may unpick more than you sew.
  3. It won't look as life-like as a store-bought plastic doll. Homemade dolls don't have 3-D faces, hands, or toes. If you want realistic, this project will not yield that result. 
  4. It might become one more project that you never finish. Do you find yourself facing a pile of unfinished projects? If so, this may add to your ever-growing stash. This is an easy project to forget about. Hint: I hate unfinished projects. To help me complete the doll, I had my daughter play with it at each stage of its creation. This gave me the motivation  I needed to get her done. 
  5. Some people think dolls are creepy, especially ones that are homemade. Sadly dolls have found their way into the horror films of Hollywood. If you are terrified of dolls, maybe try making a stuffed animal. 
  6. It will look old-fashioned. Many people like the modern look, and this look doesn't include rag dolls. The doll I made looks like something you would see crossing the plains with a pioneer girl. 

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Written by: Kristen 

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