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Pros of Learning a Musical Instrument
Cons of Learning a Musical Instrument
helps you deal with the pressures of lifetime consuming 
brings joy to othersyou may hate the music you learn at first
provides peace and fulfillmentmusic lessons can be expensive
stretches youit can be loud
helps kids have an advantageit can take a while before you sound good
provides a way to meet lifelong friendsdoesn't happen overnight
you won't feel out of place at a talent showinstruments cost money
you can always pick it back up againthere will be a lot of purchases to make upfront

As a child my parents had each of us kids take at least four years of piano lessons. At eight, I took my first piano lesson and hated it! I dreaded the daily practice, boring songs, and performing in front of my piano teacher weekly. I felt like four years of music lessons would kill me.

After a year or two of piano lessons, our band and orchestra teacher from the elementary school invited all the students to join in the music program. Of course I wanted to join because the violin would be different, right? Amid all of the excitement, I asked my parents if I could join orchestra, and they agreed.  

This decision led to a handful of instructors and countless hours of practice. From my experience I have decided to compile the pros and cons of learning to play a musical instrument.

Pros of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument: 

What are the advantages of learning a Musical Instrument?

  1. Music helps you deal with the pressures of life. Music has the power to help lighten hearts, relieve stress, and cope with hard things. Learning music can be a perfect antidote as you take time to practice daily.
  2. You can bring a lot of joy to others. I don't know one person that hates music. Everyone has a different taste, but no one hates all music.  I have seen my violin bring joy to grandparents, church congregations, various audiences, and myself. You don't have to be world famous to use your ability to play and instrument to bring joy to others.
  3. As a musician, you can find a lot of peace and fulfillment. As you finish performing the most time-intensive pieces , you may feel as though you are on cloud nine! 
  4. Playing music stretches you. Do you need something that will push you? From sitting and staring at unknown notes to music theory, your brain will feel stretched!
  5. Kids that play music have an advantage.  A whole new world was opened up to me through music. I learned I could do hard things, and learned to stick with something I hated at first. This is a valuable thing many musician  in the making learn. Note: The farther a child makes it in their music career the more opportunities open. These talents can lead to college acceptance letters and scholarships, that would otherwise not be available.
  6. You can meet lifelong friends as you play music together. Who knows you, might also become rich and famous with those friends...
  7. You won't feel out of place at a talent show. Have you ever been asked to perform at a talent show, and you have nothing to show? With music, there is always something to present.
  8. Once you learn it, you can pick it back up again. You may be a bit rusty when you return to playing, but with some valent effort you can return to being the musician you once were. 
  9. Music provides countless service activities. Does your choir need a violin soloist? Does your local nursing home want a Bluegrass band for their valentines festivities? Does your church need a pianist for congregational hymns? Does your community want a drummer for your fourth of July parade? Believe me, there are hundreds of ways to serve through music.
  10. Learning an instrument build confidence. I felt so confident as I carried my violin case down the hallways of my elementary school. This feeling continued as I finally mastered the fiddling piece, "The Devils Dream". Learning an instrument is a great way to boost confidence.

Cons of Learning a Musical Instrument:

What are the downsides of learning a musical instrument?

  1. It takes a lot of time! Do you love sitting still for hours and practicing what seems impossible? I HATE it! When it was time to practice, I thought I might die if I had to miss one more minute of outside time. I know I checked the kitchen timer way more then was necessary. 
  2. You may hate the music you are playing. A lot of my music teachers were into songs that would make your grandma turn off her hearing aides. At the time, I felt like ripping my hair out! It may take some begging before your music teacher will let you play what kind of music you are passionate about. 
  3. Music lessons can cost a pretty penny. If you are paying for a teenager down the street, it may cost $15 per lesson. If you want a teacher with a degree in music, plan on $50 for a 30-minute lesson.
  4. Instruments can be loud. Is your only free time ten o'clock at night? If this is the case, your family may not enjoy you beating on drums for an hour of practice.
  5. You don't always sound amazing when playing a new instrument! It sometimes takes years before you are enjoyable for others to listen to. Just keep in mind the best things come with time!
  6. Learning an instrument doesn't happen overnight. I have seen too many instruments that were bought with good intensions, never again to be used. If you want to learn an instrument you have to be committed. 
  7. Instruments can be expensive. If you choose to rent or buy an instrument can be a couple hundred dollars .One girl in my orchestra had a bow that was $500! That was just a bow! 
  8. You may need to purchase a lot more then just an instrument. Every instrument has its accessories that are must haves. This can be frustrating as a new musician! So you can get a better idea of what I am talking about,  I have included what you need to have on hand as a violinist. 

What accessories do I need to buy to learn the violin?

  • Violin
  • Bow
  • violin case
  • Rosin
  • Chin Rest
  • Extra Strings
  • Sheet Music
  • Music Stand
  • A tuner (optional)
  • A mute (some music will require this)

This is just a violin! Every instrument is so different, so make sure you know what you are getting into before you jump.

"Our goal is to help the world make decisions with a list of Pros and Cons. We invite all to add to our lists to help others make the most educated decision possible. We are all in this world together to help each other and learn from what others have learned from their lives journey." - Pros and Cons Team

Written by: Sarah 

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