04 Nov
Pros of Having a Hobby
Cons of Having a Hobby
Creates something to look forward to It takes time
Less likely to get boardIt can be expensive
Make life more fulfillingCan distract from what is most important
MotivatesIt can be had with kids
Great way to work on mental helpEasy to get into a rut
Keeps mind activeA lot of unfinished projects
Can lead to extra cashTake a lot of space
Great way to meet othersSupplies may be needed

As I have reached my late twenties, I have started thinking about where I want to see myself ten years from now. Since having kids, a lot of my hobbies have faded away. Most of them are unrealistic at this moment in life's journey. After talking to my husband, he has encouraged me to have hobbies that build me and give me a sense of fulfillment. This has made me think, what are the pros and cons of having hobbies?

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Pros of Having Hobbies: What is the benefit of having a hobby?

  1. Having a hobby gives you something to look forward to. Waking up in the morning knowing that at one point you can do something that you enjoy, makes life a little sweeter. In college there were times I would take a few moments to work on a hobby. It was crazy how much those few moments changed my whole day. 
  2. You are less likely to get bored if you have a hobby or two to fall back on. If you don't feel like painting, you can always turn to playing the piano instead. The more hobbies you enjoy, the more options you have. 
  3. Hobbies make the years as an empty nester much more fulfilling. Our kids leaving  home is something I worry about. I feel like all I have done for the past four years is be a mom. How will it be in 20 years, if I don't have a hobby to fall back on. 
  4. Hobbies can motivate you to stay physically active.  Do you want to be the elderly person that keeps up with their grandkids? Hobbies are a great way to allow you to achieve that goal. You can run races, play golf, hike, rock climb, and so much more. 
  5. Hobbies are a great way to work on your mental health. It can often be hard to take time for yourself but it is a necessity! Hobbies are a great way to take a break so you don't mentally crash. 
  6. Hobbies can help keep your mind active. Why not try doing puzzles, Sudoku, reading a book, or playing a game of Chess?
  7. They can lead to a little bit of extra cash. Although the number one reason for starting a hobby should never be for money, it can often turn into a profit. 
  8. When you learn to love something, you can meet people that share your common interest. Are you in need of a friend? Try reaching out to a group of people with the same interests. You will be surprised how many friends you can make.

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Cons of Having Hobbies: What are the disadvantages of having hobbies?

  1. It takes time! From start to finish, a hobby can take hours of your time. Time is valuable and once used it is not refundable.  
  2. Some hobbies can be expensive. More often then not hobbies cost money. If you don't have a bit of extra cash on hand, you may never get the chance to start your hobby.  
  3. Hobbies can distract you from family. It is really easy to let a hobby over run one's life. Hobbies are really important, but they need to have their place. 
  4. Hobbies can be really hard with kids. I love to paint and redo furniture. When I pull out any of my projects, with kids around, I know there will be paint and fingerprints everywhere!
  5. It is easy to get into a rut. Have you had the same hobby for too long? Maybe try something new! There are hundreds of things waiting for you to discover!
  6. Hobbies can leave you with a lot of unfinished projects. I have had the opportunity to clean several houses in my time. Sadly, many of these house contain countless unfinished projects. 
  7. Many hobbies take a lot of space.  Do you want to do woodworking? You need space. Do you want to do pottery? You need space. Do you want to sew hundreds of quilts? You need space. Do you have the space?
  8. Some hobbies take many supplies. If you want to pick up a form of art you will need supplies. These items can be hard to gather and store. The chart below contains some supplies may need on hand to start a hobby.

What are supplies I may need for a new hobby?

PotteryWheel, kiln, clay, glaze/ paint, wax resist
QuiltingSewing Machine, material, rotary cutter, fabric cutting mat, thread, quilt batting, seam ripper
PaintingCanvas, Paint, brushes
Wood working (not lathe projects)Wood, glue, clamps, table saw, jointer, miter saw, planer, joint maker, biscuits (depending on joint), sander, stain,
Bakingingredients, bowl, appropriate pan, oven, measuring cups, measuring spoons
ViolinSheet music, Violin, bow, Rosin, Extra strings, a music stand, chin rest

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Written By: Sarah 

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