07 Mar
Pros of Making Blankets/Quilts
Cons of Making Blankets/Quilts
It is rewardingIt is expensive
Quilting is quality time Can be frustrating if you want perfection
Provides a meaningful giftCutting out the material can be tedious 
You can make your quilt however you wantUnpicking is annoying 
Quilting brings people togetherYou need sewing supplies 
Pros of Buying Blankets/ Quilts
Cons of Buying Blankets/ Quilts
They are typically a lot cheaperTypically don't last as long
It takes a lot less time to buy These blankets aren't unique 
You are helping provide income for someoneYou don't get to design it 
So many optionsNo need to worry about the damage that can be caused by tags and packaging 
More convenient You can't choose the amount of batting

What hobbies do you enjoy? If you knew your hobbies would cost you a lot more than buying the same thing for less than half the price. Would you still enjoy spending time and money on your hobbies? I have recently found a new hobby in quilting. The excitement of the colors, design and end product is well worth the time and money for me. Would you agree? What are the pros and cons of quilting?

Pros of Making Blankets/Quilts 

  1. A big pro of making blankets is the reward aspect. Like most hobbies, the best part is the process and the finished product. But there is a lot of joy to be found along the way as well.
  2. While quilting, you use your brain and fingers to design a masterpiece. Do you like puzzles that have no precut pattern? Quilting is an intricate puzzle!
  3. Quilting fills time. If you are lonely and do not have a lot going on, quilting is a great hobby! It helps you use your brain and fine motor skills. Which helps keep you from declining physically and mentally.
  4. A quilted blanket is a meaningful gift. I often will not save a store-bought blanket for very long; those are the first to go when downsizing our blanket stash. But on the contrary, the ones I have kept are the handmade quilts with a story behind them.
  5. You can choose everything about your quilts. Do you want white thread or hot pink thread? Do you want large polka dots or small polka dots? How about the colors? There is no end to patterns and colors you can use.
  6. Homemade quilts last a lot longer. I received many blankets growing up. The ones that are still intact are the quilted ones my grandma made. Compared to store-bought quilts, the quality of a handmade quilt is superb in nearly every way.
  7. Quilting brings people together. Often when I quilt, I invite my sisters to join me. Some favorite memories are quilting with my aunt, sisters, and mom. Even those that do not love quilting seem to find joy in being around others to do.

Pros of Buying Blankets/ Quilts 

  1. As I mentioned before, blankets are a lot cheaper when you buy them. Do you like fuzzy blankets? Or quilted blankets? Either way, you can find them half the price or more at Walmart.
  2. The time it takes to get a brand new blanket from the store; is a fraction of a day quilting. If you live as close as I do to Walmart, it might take you 15 minutes or less to get a brand new blanket. The time you save is remarkable.
  3. By purchasing a blanket, you are supporting someone that made it. Whoever manufactures blankets is being blessed by you buying a blanket. 
  4. If your style is not a quilted blanket, you can choose from a wide array of styles! For the longest time, the look of quilted blankets was not my favorite. It was nice that I could go to the store and pick something else that fit my personality better.
  5. If you like to quilt but do not have time, It is nice to have the convenience of store-bought blankets. With many blankets, you can choose.

Cons of Making Blankets/Quilts

  1. Once again it is so expensive! I always thought it would be cheaper to make your quilts, but after buying the material, the batting, and the thread. You might be spending close to $75-$150 for a queen-size quilt or more.
  2. If you have OCD, quilting is not for you. Even professionals make mistakes. Not one of my quilts has lined up 100% how it should. If you are someone who cannot stand some, ahem, "character" in your blanket, look elsewhere.
  3. Cutting material out can be tedious. Not only does it take forever to get out all of the pieces to your quilt, but it is so fundamental to how your quilt will turn out. After cutting squares out for a quilt I was working on, I realized they were not the same size. It was frustrating when I put it together, and nothing lined up. Measurements are so important!
  4. Do you like to unpick your mistakes? Unpicking quilts is quite frankly the worst! While quilting, plan on doing it 100 times. It is so nice when it turns out the first time, but it does not for 99% of the time.
  5. You have to have a sewing machine and other supplies. Do you have the money or space to store a sewing machine? 

Cons of Buying Blankets/ Quilts 

  1. Blankets made in bulk at a factory do not last long. Manufactured quilts tend to fall apart quickly compared to hand-sewed ones.
  2. When you buy a blanket in the store, a hundred other people have the same blanket at their house. Do you like to be unique? Do you like when your friends have the same stuff as you do? If it doesn’t bother you, then store blankets are great ways to go.
  3. You do not get to design a blanket that you purchase. Do you wish that blanket you ordered came in green instead of purple? Too bad!
  4. Blankets from the store have tags. Yes, you can cut off the tag, but you risk making a hole in your blanket. Tags are inconvenient and itchy. If you make your own banket, you do not have to worry about them.
  5. When buying a quilt, you do not get to choose how puffy it is. If you like thick quilts, you probably will not find them made fluffy at the store. For the most part, you can only buy a minimum amount of batting for a store-bought quilt.

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Written by: Sarah 

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