18 Jan
Pros of a Piano
Pros of a Keyboard
Piano's sound cleanEasier to store 
The pedal is attachedEasier to lift
The keys are weightedMore options
Looks prettierTypically less money 
Usually more comfortable to playYou can connect to speakers
Worth more then a keyboardCan connect to headphones
Doesn't require electricity Keyboards can record what you play
Cons of a Piano
Cons of a Keyboard
They are heavyHard to remember to practice (out of sight out of mind)
Take up a lot of spaceSounds different
Require upkeepYou need to store random knickknacks that come with the piano

After eight years of music lessons, I quickly learned that every instrument sounds different, even if they are the same. For example, a $200 violin will not sound as clean and clear as an $800 violin.

With this in mind, there is also a big difference between a keyboard and a piano. Here are a few of the pros and cons when considering which one you may want in your home.

Pros of a Piano

  1. Piano's are very clean sounding! If you have ever walked into a home where someone is playing their piano, you will quickly hear the breathtaking crispness that resonates.
  2. A piano has pedals attached. It is nice not to worry about connecting a pedal whenever you sit down to play. 
  3.  Piano's have weighted keys. This will make a big difference when playing! Have you ever pushed a button that feels like a dead fish? That is what an unweighted keyboard feels like when playing.
  4. A piano is a lot prettier to have in your front room. 99% of the time, you will get more compliments on your baby grand than a keyboard that is plugged into your wall.
  5. A piano is usually more comfortable to play. My husband is 6ft 4in and says that a real piano is way more comfortable to sit at than a keyboard. 
  6. A real piano is worth more than most keyboards. If you keep your piano in good condition, it will hold value.
  7. A piano does not require electricity. A piano can be anywhere, and it will still play. On a mountain, with no cell phone service or dangling from an airplane, not a problem. It will still play.

Pros of a Keyboard

  1. You can store a keyboard super easily. Last week I talked to a lady; that said she wanted to play her keyboard but hadn't unpacked it after moving. This could not be the case with an upright or grand piano!
  2. You can lift a keyboard with very little help! There are a few keyboards that you might need help hauling around, but for the most part, a keyboard might weigh 50lbs.
  3. A keyboard can make more than just a piano sound. Have you always wanted to play the flute and never got around to it? Try the flute setting on your keyboard.
  4. You can learn how to read music and play the piano on a keyboard. Most keyboards will have simple songs that you can learn how to play while teaching you how to read music.
  5. A keyboard is a whole lot cheaper than a piano. Instead of spending a couple of thousand dollars, you can get a cheap keyboard for a couple of hundred dollars. But then again, you may have a few thousand dollars sitting around...
  6. You can connect speakers to your keyboard. Are you in a big band that needs intense volume? A keyboard would be a great addition!
  7. Keyboards can record what you play. If you love to compose music and go back and see what you have played, a keyboard is for you!
  8. You can connect headphones. Is it late at night? Is your baby asleep? No worries, just plug in your headphones.

Cons of a Piano

  1. Pianos are HEAVY! My parents recently got rid of their large upright piano. The people that bought it had to hire a piano mover to get it out of my parent's home. The skill that it took to move the beast out the front door was mind-blowing. 
  2. Pianos take up a lot of space! Are you ready to commit a whole room of your home to a piano? It can be a big sacrifice of your space!
  3. Pianos require upkeep. An instrument with strings becomes out of tune when the strings stretch. So plan on having a piano tuner come over every year or two.

Cons of a Keyboard 

  1. If it is not sitting out it is hard to remember to practice. I hated having our keyboard because it took so much time for me to take it out and put it away. And to be honest, I became a little lazy when I thought about setting it up. 
  2. Keyboards can be overly complicated. What button turns it back to piano mode? Good question, it may take you an hour to figure it out. 
  3. They sound different than an original piano. For some people, this may be a good thing. I like the clear-cut notes of an upright piano.
  4. You have to buy a board with weighted keys. I taught piano for a couple of years. During that time, my students would struggle with playing on my none weighted keyboard then try and practice on a regular piano.
  5. You need space to store the knickknacks that come along with a keyboard, speakers, stand, pedals, bench, cords, and more.

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Written by: Sarah 

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