19 Mar
Pros of Making Kids Eat What you PreparedCons of Making Kids eat what you Prepared
You only make one mealYou need to set the example
Teaches children that the world doesn't revolve around themYou may have to deal with a screaming child
Helps children be healthier"Kid foods" are time savers
Pickiness is rudeLower stress of what to have for dinner
Helps children get needed nutritionNo need to share the food you enjoy, and they hate

If you are a child and know that your parents will give you an option for dinner just by throwing temper tantrums, there is no way you were eating what they make you! Of course, a two-year-old is going to want mac & cheese and chicken nuggets over a baked potato and broccoli. Are you the parent or letting the child take control? Growing up, we ate what we had for dinner. If we hated it, that was what we had. To bad, so sad. I am grateful for my parents showing me that I could eat anything on my plate.

This subject is something I am passionate about. With this said, I have decided to write a Pros and Cons list.

Pros of Making Your Kids Eat Everything You Prepare for them at Meal Time

  1. You only have to make one meal. My great-great-grandma wanted to make sure that all of the kids were happy. She would ask each one what they wanted for dinner and then make them all separate meals. This Caused problems in each of her children's lives, especially when they got married and did not get the same treatment from their spouses.
  2. By catering to your child, you are teaching them that the world revolves around them. What happens when they go to school and do not get everything they want? They are going to have a rude awakening.
  3. What your child eats is what their body is. As a parent, you are responsible for keeping your child healthy and safe. If you are feeding them mac & cheese and Yoplait yogurt. You are dooming them to a life of medical bills and hospital visits. Parents may fight me on this because they grew up on that. All I can say is wait until you are 65 or 70. It will start showing.
  4. Kids that can not eat are rude. I have been invited into hundreds of homes for dinner. Some girls who accompanied me in these meetings offended their host or hostess by not eating something because they did not like the food. You were socially handicapping your child.
  5. In a tight situation, you may have to eat less exotic foods. Newlyweds cannot afford to eat hamburgers and French fries from McDonald's every night. You were setting them up for failure or lots of problems. It is kind of like the snowball effect.
  6. Cute gummy vitamins will not replace the vitamins and nutrients a child will be getting in a healthy dinner. Little bodies can only absorb so much from a processed pill. The better a child eats the better nutrients they are getting.
  7. A child that eats better will be healthier in many aspects. A study done at University of East Anglia said, "Children who eat a better diet, packed with fruit and vegetables, have better mental wellbeing."

Cons of Making Your Kids Eat Everything You Prepare for them at Meal Time

  1. You will have to change how you eat. Maybe all you eat is chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. I guess at least you are making them eat the same thing. Right?
  2. Screaming children are frustrating. If you can make life a little easier, do it! You need to pick your battles. Making your kids eat their dinner might not be the fight you want to fight.
  3. Kid food is a time saver. Why would you make dinner for a child that will not appreciate it? Pop four nuggets in the microwave, then squeeze a dot of ketchup on the side. Ta-da dinner for a four-year-old.
  4. If your child is picky, you do not have to stress about what you are making for dinner. Grilled Cheese sandwich every other night and frozen pizza the other one. Life could not be easier! You know that if you make one of those two dinners, your kids will love it. You are the best parents!
  5. Your grocery list becomes a lot shorter. If you have a child that is not picky, then you have a hundred things that you need to buy. If your child only eats corn dogs, cheese sticks, and fruit snacks. Stock up on them, and you know you are good!
  6. You do not have to share the food you enjoy. Did you make your favorite sweet pork burritos that your kids hate? Well, it is all yours now. Score!!

"Our goal is to help the world make decisions with a list of Pros and Cons. We invite all to add to our lists to help others make the most educated decision possible. We are all in this world together to help each other and learn from what others have learned from their lives journey." - Pros and Cons Team

Written by: Sarah

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