15 Sep
Pros of YogaCons of Yoga
Individual SportNo time
Not expensiveNo quiet time
Can practice anywhereNo where to be alone
Find yourselfObjectifying Women

I don't know if yoga is just a fad or what. I was first introduced to yoga by one of my favorite soccer coaches. This makes me smile to think that as we were all at soccer practice when she told us that every Wednesday, For the last hour, we would practice yoga.

I remember feeling very self-conscious as we circled up in the middle of the soccer field to do mountain pose and downward dog. I'm sure many people wondered what we were doing as they passed in their cars. After a few of these practices, I was converted to yoga.

So what are the pros and cons of yoga?

Pros of Yoga

  1. Yoga is an individual activity. You don't need a team to rely on. You take it at your own pace!
  2. It is all about you finding yourself through quiet and thoughtful  meditation. This may sound cheesy. Many of us spend way too much time looking at ourselves rather than in ourselves. As a 16-year-old girl, I thought yoga was dumb. After getting over my embarrassment, I loved the time I could spend focusing inward and understanding myself better.
  3. Yoga can teach you a lifestyle of finding happiness even when everything around you feels chaotic and frustrating. I love that yoga teaches you how to take control and react to different situations. This may take a lifetime to master, but practicing is all you can do! Just focus on your breath, and you will get there.
  4. It is easy to jump back into it. I don't think I've done yoga for at least a year. The other day I decided I would pick it back up. I was exhausted, and the different poses made me sore. But I was able to find my breath and make the routine feel uplifting and refreshing. That is what counts!
  5. Yoga heals. First off, yoga heals physical problems that may occur in your body. I often suffer from intense migraines that can last for days. Yoga is not a cure-all for these migraines, but it can help them as I focus on relaxing my shoulders and back. Resting my muscles, I stretch them and build strength in my weak areas to prevent further injuries. Secondly, yoga gives us time to step away from life's demands to take care of. It is just as crucial to heal what is broken emotionally as it is physically. The best part is yoga puts all healing hand-in-hand.
  6. You can go to many places to find suggestions on how to begin yoga. Yoga is a popular sport, so you can easily find lessons and tutorials on YouTube and other social media platforms to begin the practice.
  7. Yoga can help you sleep better. By focusing on how you breathe, you relax your muscles and mind. You will quickly find that yoga can soothe you to sleep. As a side note, you'll have to find a yoga routine that focuses on going to sleep. 
  8. There is very little equipment needed for yoga. Even though yoga mats are helpful for different grips, the floor or the ground outside will work just fine. Other than that, you will need clothes that allow you to feel comfortable. You don't need fancy yoga pants to stretch. Anything that you feel comfortable in will do.
  9. Yoga increases your mood; just like any exercise, yoga helps you feel better all the way around. I always feel like I can defeat anything after 20 minutes of yoga.
  10. You don't have to spend lots of time and money. As I mentioned, there's not a lot of necessary equipment. as far as time goes, you can spend as little as five minutes a day and feel a little better. Don't let the excuse that you don't have time for it, get in the way of making you feel better.
  11. You know what feels best. I love when yoga instructors explain that the most crucial part is that you make yourself feel good. In yoga, you're not trying to compete with those around you. It is all about you!
  12. You were able to do yoga at home. As mentioned before, you can do yoga anywhere you'd like. You don't have to go to a gym or a yoga studio to reach your full potential in your workouts.

Cons of Yoga

  1. Noises around you. You can control yourself, especially how you react to something. But sometimes, you're not in control of those situations around you. As a mom, it is rare for me not to have at least one of my kids climbing on me or asking me questions. If I want to do yoga when they are awake, it is more like an acrobatic show and playground time for the kids than me getting anything out of it. This can be discouraging for me as well as a lot of other moms. 
  2. A lot of people have made yoga into something that objectifies women. Yoga is not meant to make you an object. It disturbs me to see so many women wearing very little clothing to get views on social media. I don't think they understand what yoga is about.
  3. The first yoga practice can feel very discouraging. You may feel peaceful and uplifted, but then you think about all the different poses you could not complete. Again it is not about everyone else. Remember that with practice, you will soon be able to reach your comfort level and enjoy.

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-Pros and Cons Team

Written by: Sarah

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